10 Features of iCloud on the iPhone!

The iCloud is a storage service and data management of Apple in the cloud, made available to manage the devices by the brand apple and your personal information and settings. As well as competitors Microsoft and Google, Apple provides several tools and functions within iCloud, with a lot of convenience for users of iPhones, iPads, Macbooks, and other devices of this excellent brand, which cares as much for the quality. Let’s look at some of these features of iCloud on the iPhone.

The iCloud Drive is an iTunes in the Cloud

The iCloud is basically iTunes in the cloud. Through this centralization of information, it is possible to download automatically download new music purchases, movies, series, and apps to all your devices via Wi-Fi or 3G instantly via iCloud. In addition, it is possible to download all of your purchases made in iTunes by the applications and manage at iCloud, it is no longer necessary to install the iTunes on your computer.

Calendar, Mail and Contacts Managed Via iCloud

Through iCloud, you can manage your calendar, emails, and contacts more easily by centralizing all applications of the Apple itself. In addition, all your information will be stored in the cloud, on a permanent backup. So, in case your unit may be defective, is stolen, or you lose it, you will not lose your agenda, nor your emails, and much less your precious contacts.

Backup iPhone in iCloud

You can activate the data backup your iPhone to iCloud automatically through the use of wi-fi or 3G connections (although we recommend the use of WiFi, so you don’t end up with the data from your franchise). In the settings of your iPhone, just go to Settings -> iCloud and tap on Back up, with the phone connected to a wireless network. Remember that you must have an Apple ID and password configured to be able to do this backup. The same procedure can be used to restore a backup to a device, only changing the last step by restoring the backup.

Store, Edit, and Synchronize Your Documents in iCloud

As the iCloud is compatible with all Apple devices, who has more than one unit of the brand of the apple benefits can sync the documents in more than one devices, you can edit documents in compatible applications. Apps in the App Store-compatible with iCloud will also have the same function, which gives a practicality to the iCloud.

Find My iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Mac

Owners of iPhones, iPads, iPod touch, Macs can find their devices more easily, in addition to lock the devices remotely, or render them unusable. Simply login to iCloud through your browser, if you have lost or have your device stolen, and look for the option find my iPhone/iPad/Mac/iPod. Remember that your device must be connected to the internet to be located.

Photo Stream in iCloud

This feature of iCloud lets you take a photo or import one for any of your Apple devices, and make it instantly available to your other devices connected to iCloud.

Find My Friends iCloud

The feature allows you to track family members and friends by location. However, privacy is fundamental. and the application allows you to disable this feature.

iBooks iCloud

ICloud when you download a new iBook it will automatically be sent to all your other devices. Things like notes, bookmarks and highlights will be automatically synced so that all iBooks are the same on your iPhone or iPad.

Applications are Synchronized Through iCloud

To help with the large amount of apps that people maintain today, the iCloud makes backup and synchronization of multiple applications automatically. Let’s say that you download a new application on your iPhone. it will automatically appear on your iPad. This really is quite practical, especially when they are apps for work or productivity.

iTunes Match and iCloud

ITunes Match is a service that enables you to transfer all your music, whether from iTunes or those that you MP3 or CDs, and add them to your iCloud. There is an annual cost for this service, however, but the advantage is that instead of having the songs taking up space on your devices, they will be transmitted via streaming directly to your Apple devices.

The iCloud is a cloud storage service with good benefits, and centralizing very well the environment of the Apple.

Which features of iCloud, you know that we do not put here? Find it beneficial to the iCloud?