20 Years Ago: The Smartphone Era Begins With Great Communicator

20 years ago, Nokia began with the delivery of the Communicator 9000. With its diverse functions he was ahead of his time.

“He is the world’s first all-in one communication device, the digital voice and data services, Internet, e-Mail, fax and short messages to all the features of a personal organizer into a single unit offering.” With these words Nokia at CeBIT presented in 1996 a device the journalists, which was named “Communicator 9000”. Mid-August delivery of the 2700 DM expensive Communicator started. He became popular long before the debut of BlackBerry users, who wanted to not tamper with two devices such as a mobile phone and a PIM as the then of popular Psion 3.

Heavy and thick

The 397 grams heavy and quite thick device was a mixture of a Nokia phone on top with an Intel-based (i386 with 24 MHz) Organizer when folded up. As the operating system of the organizers came GEOS 3.0 used, which finished 6 MB of total 8 megabyte memory along with the all-in one applications. Nokia had experience in computer engineering with the MikroMikko, had to beat but when the chubby new ways.

Only the 1999 presented successor model 9110 was downsizing, which contributed decisively to the success of the Communicator series with business people. While Internet usage in the foreground stood with the two first Communicator phones of less, because the ability to use Office applications work and remain in contact with the Office. Communicator users of the first hour still remember mobile phone conferences, in which lay the device on the belly and the powerful speaker with the hands-free function played the space.

Innovation leader

The first Communicator was hastily developed by Nokia, because rumors made the rounds, that Ericsson and Psion have developed such a device. This Ericsson MC128 Communicator but was released in 1999 and proved to be a failure. With the Communicator 9210, Nokia had already the first Communicator in the program, which could successfully cover the business market with the operating system Symbian, developed in collaboration with Psion and a color screen.

This was for the Nokia image as an innovation leader with the largest research budget enormously important, less for the business: the first Communicator 9000, Nokia sold 361,000 piece, while the success model Nokia 1610 came in the same year to 5.6 million copies.

Hearphone to Viewphone

The Internet, as it is essential for smart phones of today, played an important role only in the plans by Nokia in 1999. There, introduced the first WAP-enabled mobile phone on the GSM Congress before 3000 people in Cannes – and looked astonished, that shortly after half a million users on the website of Nokia logged up himself, to marvel at the first Internet phone. The Hearphone became the Viewphone, as described in the advertising Nokia.

It was clear that as a huge market on the rise was because using UMTS, the speeds were possible, which allowed full Internet without WAP-reduced sites the technicians and designers by Nokia. Frank Nuovo, the leading Nokia designers who had designed it the Communicator 9000, designed according to long before Apple the first tablet and the first smartphone for everyone, with camera function and very seifiger form.

No camera replacement

In the project of Maypole, to let children play with the prototype – and was distraught, when this ‘Selfies’, as it is called today. As a camera replacement were not worthy of the reputation of the company, certified health organization management to Jorma Ollila. Simple devices on the market should be for mass production, the S series is designed for the businessman. With BlackBerry, Nokia got strong competition in the business sector and responded to this trend with the E61.

There was talk in the advertising that the device “comes in a new, distinctive design and allows to mobilize business processes companies of all sizes”. As the E61 was delayed ten years ago, Apple long-time long ago on the TriPod, which then became the iPhone. The first Smartphone in terms of today’s hit Nokia hard: the iPhone cut half of Nokia’s sales of 7.2 billion to 3.9 billion euros.