Independence, Missouri

Independence, Missouri

September 25, 2022 percomputer 0

According to existingcountries, Independence is the fourth largest city in the US state of Missouri and is part of the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. Around […]


Deacon Explanation

September 18, 2022 percomputer 0

The Greek word diákonos, which translates as “servant”, found its way into Late Latin as diacŏnus. In our language the notion arrived as deacon, a […]


Determination Explanation

September 11, 2022 percomputer 0

From the Latin determinatĭo, determination is the action and effect of determining (making a resolution, fixing the terms of something, signaling something for some effect). […]


Dishonor Explanation

September 4, 2022 percomputer 0

When a person loses his honor, he suffers a dishonor. The idea of ​​honor can allude to dignity, modesty or the recognition that is obtained […]