App in the AIR.Drone for Symbian^3

The Parrot AR.Drone is a quadricopter (helicopter with 4 propellers) that can be controlled via mobile phone. It has two cameras, a front and a rear, and connects to your phone using Wi-Fi. The image from the cameras is sent to your device and the app can connect to another phone to create a network game, but using AIR.Drone real. It is cool that several maneuvers are already stored in the application, and can be triggered with just a touch on the screen.

Game of the AIR.Drone

In the AIR game.Drone, you control a flying object real, that gives shots from the lie and hit each other using virtual reality. That the only difference is that the that you see on the screen of your phone is that the camera of the AIR.Drone is filming, and this makes it seem that you get really into it.

The application that makes this magic all ran only on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, and is now available for the latest version of Symbian^3. THE AIR.Pursuit is the little game that you can see in the video below. There is Android version of the application also.

On the official website of the AIR.Drone, there are hundreds of other interesting videos showing the product in operation. I really liked what I saw and would buy one of these if it might cost a little less and you were in sale in Brazil.

On the Amazon site the AIR.Drone basic can be purchased for $ 299. The price may seem to expensive, but thinking about all that he is capable, the relationship between cost and benefit makes it a great model of entry into the world of drones.

Remember to keep your phone up to date before using the application, and leave enough free space pro app does not hang in the middle of the flight.

Liked the Drone? You already have or had one? What do you guys think of Parrot?