Apple will replace all bent iPhone 6 Plus-models + Tips

The two newest iPhone models are probably the most popular iPhone mobiles ever, and Apple has sold over 10,000,000 iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus 6-units in a weekend løpet! Anyway have a share users experienced various problems with their iPhone 6 Plus-mobiles … Read more about this, and learn how you can avoid problems with iPhone 6 plus!

Apple will replace all bent iPhone 6 Plus-models + Tips

Problem # 1: iPhone 6 Plus can be bent in your Pocket!

A bent iPhone 6 Plus

Although Apple’s newest flagship looks very stylish looking, with its aluminum body and large, high-resolution screen – it can be bent in your trouser pocket. Especially if you like tight pants.

Many users and other companies made fun of Apple by teasing on Twitter (check out #bendgate hashtag), but Apple responded seriously: they said that all bent iPhone 6 Plus-units that have been bent in a trouser pocket, will be replaced.

How to avoid iPhone 6 Plus-the problem of bending

Apple announced that they plan to replace all bent iPhone 6 Plus models, but it must first be proved that the iPhone was actually bent bent in a trouser pocket (Apple will perform what they call a “Visual Mechanical Inspection”). Although this is good news for all iPhone 6 Plus users, we think that it is best to avoid the whole problem by using a strong iPhone 6 Plus cover which you can buy at our pages. Protective accessories can additionally save your iPhone 6 Plus if you lose it on the ground, so it is always smart with mobile protection.

Problem # 2: iPhone 6 Plus is too large
Some users are experiencing problems with the smse

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Plus (left) next to the iPhone 6

It can be a serious problem, and the user experience can be very bad, if your mobile is too big for you … But it avoids to be smart – IE. You can try a phablet to check how things are going with a 5.5-inch cell. If you like iPhone 6 Plus, but you want to smse easier, you can make use of distinct iOS apps. SwiftKey keyboard is available for both Android and iOS devices.

In addition, it is expected that iOS 8.0.2 update will lead to a better user experience when it comes to smse and other features on the iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus 6, and the update will probably be launched in a few days.

Are you experiencing problems with your iPhone? Do you have any tips or questions? Use like comment box:)