USAID Explanation

USAID Explanation

April 24, 2022 percomputer 0

An acronym meaning United States Agency for International Development according to abbreviationfinder, USAID has a headquarters in Washington -DC, and “field offices” that account for […]


Correlation Explanation

April 22, 2022 percomputer 0

Correlation is called the reciprocal or corresponding link that exists between two or more elements. The concept is used in different ways according to the […]

World Cup

Cup Explanation

April 17, 2022 percomputer 0

Cup, from the Latin cuppa, is a term with various uses and meanings depending on the context. It can be a glass with a foot […]


CBS Explanation

April 16, 2022 percomputer 0

According to abbreviationfinder, CBS stands for Columbia Broadcasting Service, and is a major television network in the United States that began as a radio network, […]


IP-protocol Explanation

April 14, 2022 percomputer 0

Internet Protocol or IP (or Internet Protocol according to abbreviationfinder) is a connectionless protocol used by both the source and the destination for data communication […]


Counterpart Explanation

April 10, 2022 percomputer 0

According to, there are several different uses of the concept of counterparty. In the field of accounting, the entry that appears in the debit […]


CAV and CLV Explanation

March 22, 2022 percomputer 0

In storing data on rotating media, there are two procedures whose names are CAV and CLV. At the beginning, manufacturers used constant linear velocity (short […]

Wirless Transport Layer Security

WTLS Explanation

March 21, 2022 percomputer 0

WTLS (which stands for Wirless Transport Layer Security according to abbreviationfinder) protocol.It is a security protocol, belonging to the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) set of […]

CEO CFO Explanation

CEO / CFO Explanation

March 13, 2022 percomputer 0

“Modern CFOs are expected to be financial experts, strategic thinkers and representatives of their company at the same time,” explains Olivier Reynaud (Executive Director at […]


Consequent Explanation

February 27, 2022 percomputer 0

The Latin term consĕquens, which derives from consĕqui (translatable as “follow”), came to our language as a consequence. It is an adjective that qualifies that […]

Conglomerate Explanation

Conglomerate Explanation

February 20, 2022 percomputer 0

A conglomerate is something obtained by conglomeration (putting together, stacking, joining fragments). In this way, the conglomerate can arise from the union of one or more […]

Condiment Explanation

Condiment Explanation

February 13, 2022 percomputer 0

Originating from the Latin condimentum, the word condiment identifies the ingredient that is used internationally to season different foods and enhance their flavor. Also known […]

Transmission Level Point TLP

TLP Explanation

January 20, 2022 percomputer 0

According to, TLP stands for Transmission Level Point. TLP: simultaneous execution of threads Another commonly used strategy to increase CPU parallelism is to include […]

Gallbladder Polyps

Gallbladder Polyps Explanation

January 2, 2022 percomputer 0

Gallbladder polyps are usually benign tumors that are completely symptom-free in many cases and are therefore not infrequently discovered by chance during an ultrasound examination. […]


Couperose Explanation

December 12, 2021 percomputer 0

The rosacea is extremely a genetic connective tissue, the reference to the age of 30 of any visible vascular dilations (telangiectasias) on the face. Especially […]