EC - European Communities

EC Explanation

August 8, 2021 percomputer 0

EC: European Communities European Communities, abbreviation EC by, English European Communities [j ʊ ərə pi ː ən kə mju ː n ɪ t ɪ z], […]

PageRank 2

Meaning of PageRank 2

July 18, 2021 percomputer 0

How can you calculate PageRank? You don’t need to have any programming skills to calculate your PageRank. Appropriate software can also help you with this. […]

Meaning of GbR Part V

Meaning of GbR Part V

July 4, 2021 percomputer 0

Is there an accounting or accounting obligation at the GbR? The GbR is not subject to the commercial bookkeeping obligation according to HGB, but must […]

Meaning of GbR Part II

Meaning of GbR Part II

July 1, 2021 percomputer 0

Examples of the company form GbR The GbR is practically possible for any purpose. Examples of the GdbR can be the amalgamation of several physiotherapists […]

Complaint 3

Meaning of Complaint Part III

June 27, 2021 percomputer 0

Complaint from the company’s point of view? Most large companies have a professional complaint management system . Standardized procedures ensure easier and more efficient processing […]

Sociology 2

Meaning of Sociology

June 27, 2021 percomputer 0

The sociology can be understood as a human science that deals with issues of everyday life in a systematic way, developing concepts and methodologies for […]


Meaning of Alcohol

June 20, 2021 percomputer 0

Alcohol is the oldest drug consumed by mankind. Although legalized, it is a drug that causes dependence and changes in the behavior of those who […]