Benefit Go-Like Traders From The Hype Monster Business Pokémon

Germany is packed in these days of the Pokémon fever. Thousands gamers are with their smartphones on the go on the hunt for virtual monsters. At the same time, also deals with the help of the game on touting can go.

Hardly any of the vertebrae to the Smartphone game Pokémon broke out go, the first dealer suspect lucrative deals. A Vienna car parts dealer granted 20 per cent discount on windshield wipers or motor oils, if you start a virtual monster on the premises. One juicy gives a smoothie con men in the U.S. Gainesville, if they attract more players through the app. First shop owners in Germany are hoping local businesses. Trade associations see new opportunities for companies.

Pokémon go is available now in the German app store. Roads, parks or shopping malls become the hunting ground. Shops, hospitals, public institutions: Frequently visited places in reality transformed into the game fighting arenas or Pokéstops, so places where the equipment can be fill up.

In this country still no rush

It is still unclear what criteria the developer of Niantic Labs and the Pokémon company of participation of Nintendo have used these places. It is certain: they are visited more frequently by the app. Some places overseas were literally overrun. In the next few weeks and months, it should be possible to suggest new places for fighting arenas or Pokéstops to the creators.

A Berlin souvenir shop near the Brandenburg Gate is marked in the virtual world as a Bullring. Seller Björn Rahn says it: “I think we can win a new customer base.” He haven’t seen very many Pokémon player prior to or in the business. “We have not noticed a rush through the game like in other countries”, says Rahn.

Pokémon-hunting in the restaurant

Reports that players vote your restaurant search with attractive hunting conditions are piling up in social networks. Restaurants in Australia have responded and interpreted bait at set times to attract rare Pokémon. That should encourage customers to go at dinner on a monster hunt. And it is believed users on Twitter, there was already complaints of missing monster in the local.

For marketing strategists, the hype to the game opens up completely new possibilities. The spokesman for the Trade Association of Germany, Stefan Hertel, says: “Participation in Pokémon go has since given the current hype quite potential to get especially younger and Internet savvy customers to stores.” For players that increase the shopping experience and the attachment to the shops on site.

Companies could draw attention in the virtual world or with vouchers or discounts on their online stores point out, Martin Gardner says of the Federal Association of E-Commerce and mail order. The U.S. business magazine of Forbes already concretely explains how shop owners can benefit from the hype: “Do not reject them, you attract them”.

Pokémon as bait

Entrepreneurs should take advantage of a hidden advertising opportunity. Through in-app purchases, players can place bait on the map, attract the Monster for 30 minutes. When they do business, the Pokémon collection might attract potential customers in your area. 100 Attractants are currently in the most favourable case for around 68 dollars (61 euro).

The Chief of the co developer of Niantic Labs, John Hanke, said recently the New York Times, in the future will it for local businesses also officially give the opportunity to show up in the game with sponsored points. He did not give a date for that. Niantic is busy at the moment, its servers under the onslaught of players not in the knee to let go.

Consumer advocates warn

Also a bakery in Berlin-Kreuzberg has become a meeting place for “Pokémon” player. Occasionally are already gamers before charging, wipe your fingers over the displays of their smartphones and let their monsters fighting each other. Recognized the employees didn’t at first. Future seller Kübra Sahin hopes but more Pokémon players: “Determined on the cranks the business”, she hopes.

But consumer advocates warn: advertising as such is not marked, customers could be fooled, explains Florian Glatzner of the Consumer Federation. Would any personally identifiable information collected from consumers, such a practice at least in data protection was rather uncritical. This is not always to look through: “For many programs, the user has much of a chance to see what permissions he releases and what data flow.” Incidentally, On a branch of the Berlin headquarters of the consumer is also a fighting arena. The staff knew nothing of it.