C ‘t Self-Experiment: One Week Only Pay With Your Smartphone Works

The Buzzword mobile payment is old – new is the fact that it actually works: you can in Germany already in quite a few stores with Apple pay and co pay. c’t editor Jan Keno Janssen has tried out for a week’s.

You can deny his everyday life in Germany already quite easily without cards and cash. This is the surprising result of a self test of c’t editor Jan Keno Janssen. Paying with the Smartphone

being discussed already for years, but only coming to the technology available in the trade. To see how far the mobile payment is thriving, Janssen has for c’t tried for a week to make all payments with the Smartphone – and that was without any major problems.

Ways of number of

As well as all major supermarket chains accept contactless credit and debit cards – and therefore also known as the Smartphone wallet apps recently. They are doing nothing more than to simulate these contactless cards using the NFC chip. Supermarkets such as netto, Edeka and market purchasing have developed their own proprietary pay apps. Who wants to remain anonymous, can use Bitcoin pay services like Pey – the company offered even an experimental machine in Hanover, with whom you can exchange cash in Bitcoin.

While Apple pay and Android pay but still not work with cards German banks, you can recharge the Android app boon with any credit card or bank transfer – a virtual MasterCard of Wirecard inside boon. But you can already use also Apple pay a trick in Germany.

The full article to the self test and a focus on the topic of mobile payment is available in c’t 16/16 (from Saturday in the magazine trade):

  • Bye-bye, cash – use your Smartphone to pay
  • Der with your mobile phone is charged




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