Aichi Gakuin University

AGU Explanation

February 26, 2023 percomputer 0

According to abbreviationfinder, Aichi Gakuin University is commonly known as AGU. Aichi Gakuin University (AGU) is a private university located in Nagoya, Japan. Founded in 1876 […]

ECHO Explanation

ECHO Explanation

October 23, 2022 percomputer 0

The echo is the repetition of a sound by an acoustic phenomenon that consists of the reflection of the sound wave in a hard body. […]


Deacon Explanation

September 18, 2022 percomputer 0

The Greek word diákonos, which translates as “servant”, found its way into Late Latin as diacŏnus. In our language the notion arrived as deacon, a […]


Determination Explanation

September 11, 2022 percomputer 0

From the Latin determinatĭo, determination is the action and effect of determining (making a resolution, fixing the terms of something, signaling something for some effect). […]


Dishonor Explanation

September 4, 2022 percomputer 0

When a person loses his honor, he suffers a dishonor. The idea of ​​honor can allude to dignity, modesty or the recognition that is obtained […]


Description Explanation

August 21, 2022 percomputer 0

Description, originating from the Latin descriptio, is the action and effect of describing (representing someone or something through language, defining something by giving a general […]


Dermis Explanation

August 14, 2022 percomputer 0

Before entering fully into the definition of the term dermis, we are going to know its etymological origin. In this case, we can state that […]


Ethics Explanation

August 7, 2022 percomputer 0

The first thing we are going to do is determine the etymological origin of the term deontology. In this sense we have to establish that […]


Delta Explanation

July 31, 2022 percomputer 0

Delta is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, after alpha, beta, and gamma. This letter corresponds to D in the Latin alphabet. By resemblance […]


Crest Explanation

July 24, 2022 percomputer 0

With etymological origin in the Latin crista, the term crest can refer to different issues. This is the name given to the fleshy red element […]


ULNA Explanation

July 10, 2022 percomputer 0

The ulna is a bone found in the forearm. It has an extensive body and two extremities, articulating with the radius and the humerus in […]


Declaration Explanation

June 19, 2022 percomputer 0

From the Latin declaratĭo, declaration is the action and effect of declaring or declaring oneself (manifest, say, make public). The statement, therefore, is an explanation […]


Turmeric Explanation

June 12, 2022 percomputer 0

The word pelvi kurkum arrived in classical Arabic and later passed into our language as turmeric. This is the name given to a monocotyledonous plant […]


Covalent Explanation

June 5, 2022 percomputer 0

The adjective covalent is used in the field of chemistry to describe the bond that is generated between atoms that have shared pairs of electrons. […]

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Carbuncle Explanation

May 24, 2022 percomputer 0

Doctors understand a carbuncle to be a deep and usually very painful suppuration of several hair follicles that grow together to form a purulent knot. A bacterial […]


Cretinism Explanation

May 15, 2022 percomputer 0

Cretinism is a hormone deficiency disorder of physical growth and mental development in newborns. The deficiency can be easily identified by examining the infant at […]


Correlation Explanation

April 22, 2022 percomputer 0

Correlation is called the reciprocal or corresponding link that exists between two or more elements. The concept is used in different ways according to the […]

World Cup

Cup Explanation

April 17, 2022 percomputer 0

Cup, from the Latin cuppa, is a term with various uses and meanings depending on the context. It can be a glass with a foot […]


Counterpart Explanation

April 10, 2022 percomputer 0

According to, there are several different uses of the concept of counterparty. In the field of accounting, the entry that appears in the debit […]