IP-protocol Explanation

April 14, 2022 percomputer 0

Internet Protocol or IP (or Internet Protocol according to abbreviationfinder) is a connectionless protocol used by both the source and the destination for data communication […]


CAV and CLV Explanation

March 22, 2022 percomputer 0

In storing data on rotating media, there are two procedures whose names are CAV and CLV. At the beginning, manufacturers used constant linear velocity (short […]

Wirless Transport Layer Security

WTLS Explanation

March 21, 2022 percomputer 0

WTLS (which stands for Wirless Transport Layer Security according to abbreviationfinder) protocol.It is a security protocol, belonging to the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) set of […]

Transmission Level Point TLP

TLP Explanation

January 20, 2022 percomputer 0

According to AbbreviationFinder.org, TLP stands for Transmission Level Point. TLP: simultaneous execution of threads Another commonly used strategy to increase CPU parallelism is to include […]

NASA Explanation

NASA Explanation

October 31, 2021 percomputer 0

According to AbbreviationFinder.org, National Aeronautics and Space Administration is abbreviated as NASA. Agency of the government of the United States established the 29 of July of […]


FTP Explanation

September 5, 2021 percomputer 0

According to AbbreviationFinder.org, FTP is the abbreviation for File Transfer Protocol. Protocol used to access a host on the Internet, and subsequently to transfer files […]

Simple Object Access Protocol

SOAP Explanation

August 29, 2021 percomputer 0

Short for Simple Object Access Protocol according to AbbreviationFinder.org, SOAP is a standard protocol that defines how two objects in different processes can communicate by exchanging […]


IMAP Explanation

August 22, 2021 percomputer 0

Internet Message Access Protocol, or its acronym IMAP according to AbbreviationFinder.org, is a network protocol for accessing electronic messages stored on a server. Using IMAP, you […]