Client Remote Access RDP for Android

Access and control a computer from your mobile phone may have a lot of utility, especially if you work in the IT area and needs to be always prepared to resolve any problem remotely. The old VNC was one of the most common ways of remote access free but with the interfaces heavy Windows and especially with Aero enabled, some incompatibilities of the VNC has done the same to lose market share to other tools. One of these tools based on the protocol Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) that you might not know but it is the basis of the service “remote desktop” in Windows.

Having RDP enabled on your computer you need to use a RDP client to connect to the computer. In Android an RDP client excellent quality is the Remote RDP Lite. It is quick and easy to use, allowing you to zoom the remote screen and facilitating the clicks on small buttons or even text from the phone screen. I have tested several and this was without a doubt the best. Even on 3G connections for low speed, the result was acceptable and I had no problems to use the remote computer. I still a Motorola A853 (Milestone) that is not of last generation and the Remote RDP worked very well.

Remote RDP lets you save the remote connections on your device, including the password, so that the connection is made quickly just with a click. It is perfect for when the remote access is urgent and you do not have how to search for a reliable computer to use. It is without a doubt more secure and more agile than using a lan, a house or a computer possibly compromised by the virus in the home of a relative!

Visit the Android Market and download Remote RDP Lite, which is free. There is also a paid version with more features that’s certainly worth the purchase for those who need a lot of tool!