Counterpart Explanation


According to, there are several different uses of the concept of counterparty. In the field of accounting, the entry that appears in the debit and has its compensation in the credit is called the counterpart, or vice versa.

It is also called counterpart to an accounting entry made to correct a mistake that was made in double-entry accounting (the one that is responsible for recording each operation twice, once as a credit and the other as a debit, to establish a link between the various elements of heritage).

It should be noted that an accounting entry is an entry that records these two items (credit and debit). The system requires that there be a balance: the concepts of credit and debit must coincide. When an error is generated, a counterparty can be appealed to in order to break even.

In this way, if an incorrect entry is recorded, it is possible to create an offsetting entry to cancel the error. This allows balances to return to the state they were in before the mistake occurred.

In the same way, we cannot ignore the fact that it is also used within the economic field to refer to the other party to a financial operation. Thus, for example, if a person or a company wants to invest by buying a financial asset, it is determined that the counterparty will be the party that sells said asset. And that can be an individual, a company, an institution…

The idea of counterpart is also used in colloquial language to name that which generates an effect contrary to that produced by something else, achieving compensation. A counterpart, on the other hand, can be something that neutralizes or minimizes what you get from someone. For example: “The hotel room is small and uncomfortable but, on the other hand, the food is excellent”, “The New York Knicks forward had a bad game in the offensive sector although, on the other hand, he defended the rival star very well ”, “The increase in production is offset by a fall in prices”.

Within the field of television we have to establish that the term in question is fashionable. And it is that there is a series that is succeeding and that is precisely entitled “Counterpart”. It is a production that revolves around the world of spies.

Alik Sakharov and Morten Tyldum are the directors of that American series, which is broadcast on the HBO platform and stars actors such as JK Simmons, Harry Lloyd, Nazanin Boniadi and Olivia Williams, among others.

Halfway between drama and science fiction is this one, which comes to expose what happens when the central character, Howard, discovers that the organization to which he belongs is hiding something very important. The fact that? A gateway to another dimension, in which he will be involved in a series of intrigues and really dangerous adventures. The only thing he becomes clear about is that there is only one person he can trust, his other self.