Crest Explanation


With etymological origin in the Latin crista, the term crest can refer to different issues. This is the name given to the fleshy red element found in the head of the rooster and other birds.

The crest, in this sense, is a caruncle that reaches its maximum development with sexual maturity. Its turgidity and its tonality are linked to the action of sexual hormones, causing the characteristics of the crest to change according to the season.

Also called a crest is the tuft or tuft of feathers found on the top of the head of certain species of cockatoos, penguins, cardinals, pigeons, and cranes.

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Within the field of science we have to establish that a plant is also known as a rooster’s comb. Specifically, it becomes a flower that turns out to be especially curious because its petals are distributed in such a way that they are precisely reminiscent of the crest of that aforementioned bird, hence its name.

Its scientific name iscelosia argentea var cristata, it is native to Africa and Asia. In the same way, we cannot ignore that its flowers can be red, yellow, orange or even pink.

The nerves of its leaves are very marked and those are identified by being quite long. To all this we must add that they germinate in about ten to twenty days, that they must be kept exposed to the sun and that they must be watered frequently, specifically every three days.

When a person applies gel or other product to make their hair stand up, it is called a mohawk. Members of the punk movement, to cite one case, often wear crests.

For orography and geology, on the other hand, ridges are the tops of a mountain with boulders or various rock formations.

Among the best-known crests of this type in Spain, we can highlight the well-known Cresta del Diablo, which is considered one of the steepest and most complicated of all those that exist in the Pyrenees area. Climbing and mountaineering enthusiasts have this place as a reference when it comes to enjoying those sports that they like so much.

Another meaning of the crest concept is linked to the upper part of the waves, which usually have foam. In this case, the idea is also used in a symbolic way to name the one or the thing that is at the peak of success or popularity. For example: “This singer is on the crest of the wave: every time she offers a concert, the seats are sold out in a few hours”, “Everyone wants to hire the Belgian footballer since he is on the crest of the wave”.

To all the above, we cannot fail to add that there is also an expression that is “to be on the crest of the wave”. In a popular way it is used to refer to someone who is going through a good time. An example would be: “The Morat group is on the crest of a wave”.