Cup Explanation

World Cup

Cup, from the Latin cuppa, is a term with various uses and meanings depending on the context. It can be a glass with a foot that is used to drink various liquids. For example: “When we got married, my aunt gave us a beautiful set of crystal glasses”, “Last night a glass fell and broke”, “I am going to ask the waiter to change my glass since it is dirty”.

On the other hand, the liquid that fits in a glass of this type is known as a glass: “The menu includes a glass of wine per diner”, “I’m not drunk, I only drank two glasses”, “The man arrived after glasses home and started yelling at his family. ”

Starting from this meaning, an expression widely used within the colloquial field has also emerged. It is about “going for drinks”, which is used to refer to a person or a group of them going out together and going to various places to share a chat or dance while having a few drinks. That is, while they drink cocktails or any other type of mixed drinks.

According to, the cup, in another sense, is the hollow part of a hat (where the head enters) and the hollow parts of the bras worn by women: “That hat is very pretty, but its cup is very big”, “I need a Top hat for my son, with a small cup to make it comfortable for him”, “Some women wear bras with wired cups”.

Likewise, within the female sphere, it should be noted that there is what is known as the menstrual cup. It is a cup-shaped device that is inserted into the woman’s vagina during her menstruation with the clear objective of depositing the flow in it. Among its advantages, it has an affordable price since it can be used for ten years, it is comfortable and it is easy to acquire.

In this case, we would also have to highlight the existence of what is known as a top hat, which is identified because it has a high crown and because its brim is narrow. It is usually black and lined with black silk.

There is also a movie called “Top Hat”. In 1935 this film was released, directed by Mark Sandrich and starring the legendary Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. We can say that it is a musical comedy that tells the story of an American dancer who travels to London and falls in love with the beauty of a young woman whom he tries to impress with her art.

Cups are one of the suits in the Spanish deck. His cards, of course, are represented by drawings of cups: “This deck is incomplete: spades and cups are missing”, “You should never try to win a trick hand with a five of cups”.

The upper part of a tree, with its branches and leaves, is also called the crown: “The crown of that tree does not let me see the sea from the balcony”, “Several birds have made their nests in the crown of that lemon tree ”, “As we flew over the forest, we only saw the tops of the trees”.

A cup, finally, can be a sporting competition that awards a trophy that is known, precisely, as a cup: “The King’s Cup will begin in two weeks”, “My goal is to consecrate myself in the World Cup”.

World Cup