Declaration Explanation


From the Latin declaratĭo, declaration is the action and effect of declaring or declaring oneself (manifest, say, make public). The statement, therefore, is an explanation of what other people ignore or doubt.

For example: “The mayor’s statement surprised the journalists”, “When the chroniclers consulted, the singer gave the statement that everyone expected and confirmed that he will sing again next month”, “Roberto made an unhappy statement in the work and was sanctioned by his boss”.

A declaration can be a public expression.

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The term in economics and law

Within the economic and administrative sphere, we cannot ignore the existence of what is known in Spain as an income or tax declaration. Basically it becomes a document where each individual or company presents to the Treasury a list of all its economic activity during the corresponding year.

In the field of law, a statement is the statement made under oath to communicate the situation of a fact that may constitute the basis for the determination of a crime. It is, in other words, the formal statement of an individual with legal effects and carried out in the manner and places established by law: “The judge announced that tomorrow he will take a statement from the accused of the crime”, “The statement of the accused complicated to the victim’s brother”, “The affected woman believes that the defendant was untrue in his statement”.

A declaration of love implies communicating romantic feelings to the person who generates them.

Declaration of independence

The proclamation made by a country to declare its sovereignty and autonomy is known as a declaration of independence. In this way, the State in question declares that it no longer accepts foreign domination or interference. Beyond the declaration, the important thing is the acceptance or rejection of said independent condition by the rest of the nations: “Kosovo’s declaration of independence was rejected by several European countries”.

Perhaps the most important or relevant declaration of this type in history was that of the United States, created on July 4, 1766. Thanks to it, a milestone was marked in contemporary world history, since two principles that would be included in other documents, in constitutions… and that have become key to our current society. Specifically, we have to establish that those two fundamental rights were liberty and equality.

In addition to all of the above, we would have to highlight that this American declaration came to make clear the independence of the thirteen English colonies that existed in North America and that in this way gave rise to what is now the United States.

The Committee of Five

Thomas Jefferson is considered to be the father of this important document that he prepared together with four other illustrious characters who thus gave shape to what was called the Committee of Five. Thus, it was made up of Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman and Rogert R. Livingston.

It should be noted that the first also later became the third president of the United States, specifically he was the front of the country between 1801 and 1809.

The declaration as a manifestation of an intention

Declaration, finally, can be the manifestation of an intention or of the spirit.

“My husband made his declaration of love to me on a birthday and we have been together ever since” is a phrase that reveals this use of the notion.