Degeneration Explanation


In order to know the meaning of the term degeneration we have to proceed to discover, in the first place, its etymological origin. In this case, we can state that it derives from Latin, exactly from “degeneratio”, which can be translated as “action and effect of converting into a worse genre”.

A word that is the result of the sum of three components:

-The prefix “de-”, which indicates “top to bottom”.

-The verb “generare”, which is synonymous with “produce”.

-The suffix “-cion”, which is used to establish “action and effect”.

Degeneration alludes to the act and result of degenerating. This verb, for its part, comes from degenerāre and refers to an impairment or deterioration of the original state or the first quality of something.

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In the field of biology, the idea of ​​degeneration refers to a loss of function or damage to the structure of tissues or cells. There are, in this framework, different types of degenerations.

Spongy degeneration of the brain, also known as Canavan disease, is a disorder linked to aspartic acid metabolism that causes damage to the white matter of the brain.

Likewise, we cannot ignore the so-called macular degeneration that we can establish that it is a disease that is related to age and that brings with it what is the loss of part of the vision.

It usually occurs in people over 60 years of age, it destroys, specifically, what is the acuity of central vision and affects what is called the macula, which is the area of ​​the eye that is what gives us the possibility of seeing the things clearly.

In the same way, we can establish that macular degeneration can be of two types: dry, which occurs when the cells of the macula that are sensitive to light deteriorate, and wet. This occurs when abnormal blood vessels grow below the aforementioned macula.

The treatment of this disease consists of stopping, only, what is the advance of the mentioned degeneration.

The concept of degeneration is also used with respect to the loss of the moral and psychic conditions that are considered normal. This situation is often associated with health problems that can be hereditary or acquired.

The concept of degeneration is frequently used to mention sexual behavior that deviates from socially accepted patterns. Those who incur in sexual practices contrary to what is tolerated at the social level, are qualified as degenerate.

Degeneracy, in this context, can be related to principles and norms of religion. Certain religious groups, to cite one case, affirm that homosexuality is a degeneration since they only accept sexuality for reproductive purposes. Other social sectors, on the other hand, consider that there is no degeneration in a sexual act carried out by adults and with the consent of the participants.