Delta Explanation


Delta is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, after alpha, beta, and gamma. This letter corresponds to D in the Latin alphabet. By resemblance to the shape of the capital letter delta, the land that is between the arms of a river at its mouth is known as delta.

For example: “My grandfather has a house in the delta of the Paraná River”, “The flora and fauna of the delta of this river is very varied”, “The boats came and went through the delta under the wonderful January sun”.

A river delta, therefore, is a triangular territory that is formed at the mouth of a river through the sediments deposited by the current. The delta is made up of river arms that separate the islands formed by the sediments carried by the river itself.

There are many spaces of this type that exist throughout the world. However, among the most important is, without a doubt, the Ebro Delta, which has become one of the most attractive tourist spots in Spain, specifically, in the province of Tarragona.

The famous Ebro Delta Natural Park is nestled in it, which has more than 7,700 hectares, which is one of the most important wetlands in the entire European continent and is identified by having a Mediterranean climate. A great ecological wealth presents that one, highlighting the fact that it has more than 300 different species of birds.

A hang glider, on the other hand, is a vehicle that allows you to glide and fly without a motor. Both takeoff and landing take place on foot, at low speed.

Within the field of music, we would have to determine the existence of a Chilean rock band that receives precisely the name of “Delta”. It began its journey in 2003 and has an extensive discography, in which albums such as “Apollyon is Free”, “Live At The Beginning” or “New Philosophy Feat” stand out.

In the field of cinema, it should be noted that there have been several actresses throughout history whose name was precisely the word that concerns us now. Thus, we could highlight the Argentine interpreter Delta Pérez, the North American Delta Burke or the Australian Delta Goodrem. The latter, who is well known in the world of television in her country thanks to productions such as “Neighbours”, is also a currently highly successful songwriter and singer.

Delta is also the name of a family of rockets built by Boeing. The Delta I rocket was launched in August 1960, followed by the Delta II (1989), Delta III (1998) and Delta IV (2001).

Delta Air Lines is an airline based in Atlanta (United States), which was founded in 1928 as Delta Air Service. It is one of the founding companies of the SkyTeam alliance .

Delta, lastly, is a line of cars designed by the Italian manufacturer Lancia.