Flickr: Update Finally Brings An Optimized iPad App

Well, there we go: just in time the popular Flickr photo platform coming to iPad air 2 an optimized iOS app for Apple’s tablet. In the new version 3.2 the application exploited finally useful the extra space on the display.

In contrast to the previous version, which was little more than the iPhone variant on a larger display, you move into the iPad app from Flickr with significantly more overview through the photo archives. In addition gained scope of the Tablet format is finally useful, for example, to display two posts next to each other. 8 advance is however iOS Flickr as universal app free ready, in the app store to download the current version. Because the integration of practical share extensions – belongs to the new features of the update in addition to the optimized iPad version and it also applies to iPhone 6 and co.

iPad Air 2, The Photography Tablet

The update for Flickr actually comes at an opportune time: with the iPad air 2, Apple positioned his new top tablet as a tool for amateur photographers. The device has improved cameras and Apple took some time to present photography fit the iPad air 2 at the October keynote.

But even iPad mini 3 and the predecessor of the tablet series are actually long as predestined for a Flickr app, is much more to browsing through a photo platform a Tablet by the larger screen than an iPhone. Not free Yahoo! had to be repeatedly insinuate a certain negligence with regard to the service since its acquisition of Flickr.