Google’s Emoji For More Equal Women Will Be Officially

Google employees were at the Unicode Technical Committee proposal for diversified Emojis successfully.

The Unicode Technical Committee (UTC) has to a set taken by Emojis in his list, adequate represented by women. Google employees had proposed this year in may, to resolve the present role models for men and women.

Symbols for Princess, hairdresser or wedding were previously reserved for example, police officers, construction workers or agents or detectives men, as the Google employee responsible for Emoji writes Nicole Marah, for women. Thus, women were so far not sufficiently been represents. Conversely, the narrow range could affect the self image of adolescents.

Female, male, different skin colors

A UTC working group had accepted now eleven new professional Emojis, the it both are female as well as male version and also in different shades of skin color. Thus, there is a total of one hundred new Emojis. 33 female variants of already existing Emojis to be added. Smartphone users could choose now for example, between a female and a male runner, so far there is only a male.

The new Emojis settled in future new versions of Android and other platforms include, continues to write Marah. Finally, make sure that users of different operating systems can receive the same Emojis and send the UTC.

Combining characters

The UTC is even interested in the sexes in Emojis representative be represented, as is evident from their publication. In June were already you equivalents in Unicode as recorded for the Princess, but progress was slow. To produce the new character, several Emojis would combine together similar like ligatures. So the users selected first an Emoji for “Woman”, then a “zero-width joiner” (breitenloser connector) as well as a doctorate and a student is clear. Providers could now begin to implement the new characters.