Technical Marketing Abbreviations

As a user, you will not have much to do with marketing abbreviations that are more technical in nature. However, if you want to be able to communicate well with your webmaster or online marketer, it can be useful to understand these terms.


Application Programming Interface. API is a basis on which computer programs can communicate with each other. Today, many web applications and websites have an API that allows information to be shared with third parties. Think of the possibility to compare products with each other or of a Google Maps map.


Customer Relationship Management. In Dutch simply customer management. CRM is intended to maintain and optimize relationships with existing customers. In organizations that apply CRM, the marketing, sales and customer service departments work together, often supported by special CRM software. This system stores valuable information about customers, including contact details and, for example, past purchases. Contact moments with these customers can be scheduled. Potential customers can also be managed with a CRM system.


Customer Experience Management. CEM is an extension of CRM and is more recent. It is used by marketers and is all about optimizing the customer experience. The total customer experience, from coming into contact with a supplier of a product or service to the relationship that arises afterwards. This concerns the total customer journey in which the customer and the relationship with the customer are central.


User Interface; a graphically designed shell with which users and devices can communicate with each other. The purpose of UI is twofold. On the one hand, it serves to enable the user to operate the device in question, on the other hand to give the system the opportunity to present information to the user. This can be, for example, a computer program, an operating system, an app or a website, but also a physical device.


Data Management Platform. A DMP is a marketing tool that can accommodate external and internal data sources. By placing this data in a central environment, new insights can be created that can be used to search for new target groups. By centralizing data in a DMP, the target group can be better identified. As a result, marketing communications can be automatically personalized for the consumer and a sales department can be directed more specifically.


Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP is a management system (software) that can maximize the productivity of an organization. All business processes come together in an ERP system. In this way, costs are optimally controlled and customer wishes can be optimally met. ERP systems can be used for almost any organization, from small to large and for both service and production organizations.


Google Tag Manager. GTM is an online tool from Google into which HTML can be injected into a website. This does not require the help of a programmer. The GTM code is placed once on every page of a website, after which it is possible to add codes to websites without knowledge of programming.

More information: Install and set up Tag Manager


HTTP stands for Hypertext Transport Protocol and this protocol is used to display web pages on browsers. When a user searches for a particular website, by adding HTTP in the address, the machine can know how to communicate with the server. HTTP is mainly used to transfer simple text files of a website in a standard language called HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). HTML also allows users to stream media over the Internet or share photos.


HyperText Markup Language 5 is the latest version of the HTML standard. The term HTML5 is also used as a marketing term, whereby other techniques such as CSS3 and JavaScript are also included in the definition. New elements have been introduced in HTML5 that provide more structure. Also, interactive content can be played without Flash Player and web applications can be made available offline.


CMS either a content management system or content management system is a web application. This makes it possible to publish documents and data on the Internet easily and without much technical knowledge. Examples of free content management systems are WordPress, Drupal, Magento and Joomla.


Cascading Style Sheet. CSS is used to format and design web pages that are made up of HTML. With CSS, colors, fonts, margins and background colors can be determined that visitors to the website will see. By properly separating CSS and HTML, web pages contain much less code and are more accessible to search engines. It is also easier to adjust the design of a website if CSS is used for this.


Real time prayer. RTB is an online program with an auction model. The process of allocating advertising space to the highest bidder is automatic and continuous. Several advertisers register for advertising space on websites or in search engines and the highest bidder is awarded the space.


Supply-Side platform or Sell-Side platform. SSP is a technology platform that allows web publishers and media owners to manage advertising space. The advertising space can be filled after which income can be received.


Demand Side Platform. DSP is a system (software) with which online advertising campaigns are purchased and managed. Procurement usually takes place through auctions. The DSP system ensures that campaigns can be centrally managed and optimized. Conditions for a good system include automated trading, real-time bidding and a good algorithm.


Operating System. In the Dutch operating system. An operating system is required to connect the hardware and software. It is an intermediary between the two and OS ensures that information flows are properly managed. OS gives an error if something is wrong in the system. Think of the error message from Windows with the ‘frustrating’ blue screen.


The computer protocol FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a standard used for transferring and sharing files. FTP standardizes the differences between operating systems. The FTP computer protocol originated in 1971 and has become a world standard. This protocol makes it possible to receive and send files to and from any computer in the world. FTP servers may require a valid username and/or password, but may also allow anonymous users if desired. The standard FTP connections are not encrypted so that data sent can fall prey to hackers. This can be prevented by using encryption.


TCP/IP is the protocol for the Internet, although other protocols can be used for the Internet. The TCP/IP protocol connects the numerical address of a computer’s network card to the Internet so that other machines can find this network and the computer in question. Such a protocol is made in layers where each layer is responsible for specific tasks within the communication process.


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