How to Edit PDF Directly?

We use PDF files for various purposes in our day-to-day. Are purposes such as reading an ebook, download important documents, format a work college, etc. It is one of the types of files more efficient, reliable, and portable if know. The use of PDF files also encourages work without paper, and workflows efficient. And not always we have time to convert PDF files that need to be edited to be forwarded or simply fixed.

To enable this editing PDF files, programs such as Wondershare PDFelement were created with several features for editing a PDF file, making it possible to read, create, annotation, editing, organization, sharing, protection, conversion, character recognition (OCR) and many other technical elements are important. Using a program such as PDFelement 6, you can edit PDFs easily, as if you were using Microsoft Word.

By Downloading and Installing the Wondershare PDFelement 6

The program can be downloaded directly from the page of Wondershare very simple. The file is not large, and should take very little. The installation is also fast and simple to do.

The PDFelemet 6 comes with a good user interface clean and easy to use. This version has options more clear, bigger buttons and the entire design seems more like the general theme of Windows 10. The toolbar in the top right corner comes with an option to show it or hide it. On the first tab, the File, you will see the option to view the properties of the file, description, permissions, etc. The toolbar has other options to make changes to the file, that is what you will need to edit your PDF file. On the main page, when you choose the option to Edit PDF, just navigate to a folder with the PDF file you want to edit.

Resources that May be Useful in Editing a PDF File

Some of the features of PDFelement and other programs can facilitate the further editing of the PDF. The recognition of form is capable of transforming any form is not fillable which was created using any Office application in a PDF that is editable and fillable with just one click. The process of transferring data from PDF forms to Excel is also possible and simple to do. Instead of manually typing data from hundreds of forms, programs such as PDFelement allows, which is extracted information of the fields from the form of PDF files identical to a single file .CSV.

Using a PDF Editing Program

The use of this software to perform operations related to PDF is an easy task.

The first main option is the PDF edition, which is the main work of programs such as PDFelement By clicking on the button, you will be prompted to open a PDF file. To do this, the file will open in a new editing window where will be displayed with options to add text, image or link. For editing, you can choose between line mode and the mode of the paragraph. If the file does not have a character that has been recognized or typed, it is possible to pass an OCR to recognize the characters. Although the program to be good at it, you need some editing work to fix the mistakes the natural for this type of application. It is worth remembering that the OCR is only available in the PRO version of the program.

Just in case you be willing to convert your PDF files into other formats, you need to click on the button to Convert to PDF on the home screen. This will prompt you to open a PDF file and choose the format to which you want to save the file. Depending on the size of the file, the output will be saved. Unlike many programs to convert PDF files, formatting errors, which are common in these programs, are much smaller or almost non-existent in the PDFelement. The reverse is also possible, creating a PDF file from other file formats.

To finish editing, simply choose save and give name to your file. Simple as that.

Concluding Remarks

Of course, you can choose from other editing programs PDF. The PDFelement is one of the most complete and it works exactly how he proposes to do. Their costs are relatively low for what he is able to do, and makes the work much more simple and efficient, especially when it is necessary to use the OCR tool to the program in some PDF files.

Which program do you use to edit PDFs? Tested PDFelement? What did you think?