iPad 1 vs. iPad 2: Just a Little Faster

When the Milestone 2 (Motorola A953) was released, I wrote a quick comparison between the two models. This article from the Milestone 1 x Milestone 2 has been useful to a lot of people who wanted to change the unit decided to wait a little longer.

Comparison of iPad 1 and iPad 2

Now it is the turn of iPad 1 x iPad 2, but this time I’ll let you draw your own conclusions after watching the video below. Just so you have an idea of the performance difference, the iPad 2 spends 25.3 seconds to connect while the iPad 1 takes 28.6 seconds. To open the Google Earth is 17 seconds, as opposed to 20.3 of the iPad 1 and so on.

Mas qual tablet da Apple comprar?

As diferenças de performance não são significativas para estas tarefas, veja no vídeo abaixo.

But for many people, the little difference can be a decisive factor, especially if your iPad is already getting a bit old. There, perhaps the best option is to exchange the unit, to upgrade to a more modern. Or, who knows, swap the iPad great for an iPad mini, and save a bit of space.

I think that it is worthwhile to also consider the options of other manufacturers. After Google made the initiative Nexus tablet also, the models were much better. Even Microsoft joined in the fun, launching the great appliances Surface, it can still be used as a computer. Rather than stay faithful to a brand, I, at least, I prefer to assess all the available brands, and choose the one that I think is best for what I need.

Do you think that compensates to swap the iPad 1 for the iPad 2? What is the best tablet in your opinion? You would replace the tablet in the current mark for another model?