Meaning of Bag


Bag, from the Latin bursa, is a kind of sack made of paper, plastic, cloth or other material, which is used to store or move things. It can usually be carried by hand or slung over one shoulder. For example: “Luis, bring me the bag with the winter clothes that I want to wear in the gray jacket”, “I’m going to help my mother who just arrived from the market with the heavily loaded bags”, “What do you have in that red bag? ” , “Tell Carlitos to start putting the toys in the bag that we have to go home.

In another sense, the bag may come from the name of the noble Van der Bourse family, who lived in the European city of Bruges and who promoted business meetings. The term makes it possible to refer to the economic institution where the public operations of purchase and sale of securities take place.

The stock market, therefore, is the place where these transactions take place, the set of operations with public effects and the price of the securities traded in the institution: “The Madrid stock market has fallen 37% in the last five months ”, “ Marcela decided to invest her savings in the stock market ”, “ A bomb threat forced the New York Stock Exchange to be evacuated ”.

One of the most significant economic events in the history of the 20th century was the crash of the New York Stock Exchange, which took place in 1929. This event is considered the most serious in the US stock market to date., both for the repercussion it had and for the time during which its consequences were suffered.

Black Thursday, Black Monday and Black Tuesday are the three most important moments of that crash that led the country to suffer a great depression in which it lived from a huge financial debacle to a fall in terms of demand that foreign countries made North American products through stock market speculation.

All this without forgetting the existence of another term that is used very frequently at the colloquial level. We are referring to the shopping bag, which is that bag or basket that is used to go to the supermarket and buy food or other products that are used for the home.

However, this same term is used with another meaning. In this case, it is also often used to define what are the prices of the different products that are available to citizens and that are necessary for day to day at different levels.

In the animal field we speak of the marsupial bag, which is the one that marsupial females have and that they use as the final gestation mechanism of their young.

Other uses of the notion of bag make mention of the wrinkle of the dresses when they do not fit the body well (“I don’t like this garment, it makes me a bag in the back”), the bulging of the skin under the eyes (“I want to operate my bags to look a little younger”) and the prize that boxers receive when they win a fight (“Galindo was left with a millionaire bag after beating Kalhim on points”).