Meaning of Bomb


The word bomba comes from the Latin bombus, which means “noise. ” The term has different uses and many acceptances according to the geographic region. One of the most common uses refers to the explosive device whose explosion, in general, can be controlled.

There are pumps with a clock, with pressure sensors or that are activated by a remote control, for example. In this way, it is possible to decide when the outbreak will occur.

Among the various types of bomb, we can mention cluster bombs, which are those that are loaded with submunitions. The atomic bombs, meanwhile, obtained large amounts of energy through nuclear reactions.

The so-called homemade pumps, which can be manufactured without too much complexity and with little knowledge and materials, have the most popular design in Molotov cocktails, a device that promotes the expansion of certain flammable liquids.

Within the field of gastronomy we also find the use of the term bomba. In this case it is used to refer to what is known as arroz bomba. Specifically, it is called that because it is a rice whose main hallmark is the fact that when it is cooked it does not break.

The aforementioned product has its origin in India, however, at present where it can be found most is in Spain and specifically in the Levante area. There that, which is more expensive than traditional rice, is used thanks to its properties to make the well-known paellas.

However, in the culinary sector there are also other terms where the concept we are analyzing appears. Thus, in the same way, there are the chocolate bombs, exquisite cakes filled with chocolate, which delight those with a sweet tooth. They have the uniqueness that they can also be filled with cream.

And we cannot ignore the existence of the Toledo bomb either. As its name indicates, this is a native recipe from the province of Toledo that is identified as a mashed potato whose main hallmark is the fact that it is filled with minced meat. A dish, therefore, very exquisite and that has become one of the typical recipes of this land located north of the autonomous community of Castilla la Mancha.

In another sense, the extraordinary event that causes astonishment is known as a bomb: “The bomb news of the week has been the surprise death of singer Michael Jackson”, “The resignation of the team coach was a bomb among the players.

A large drum that is played with a mace, the shallow vessel that is used for cargo, the machine to drive water or another liquid, the gasoline pumps and the improvised verses that are recited in certain popular festivals also receive the pump name: “We are in trouble: the water pump has broken”, “We have to find a pump urgently or we will not be able to continue our journey.