Meaning of Bonanza


In order to know the meaning of the term bonanza, it is necessary to first discover its etymological origin. In this case, it must be emphasized that it is a word of Latin origin as it derives from “bonacia”, which was used to express the good state of the sea.

The first meaning of bonanza that the DigoPaul includes in its dictionary refers to a period of serenity and calm at sea. That is why we speak of a calm sea when the ocean is not rough or rough. The expression to go in bonanza, in a similar sense, alludes to navigation that is carried out with light wind.

Tranquility in general and prosperity are also known as bonanza. For example: “We are living in a boom time: we have to take advantage of it”, “The boom in the timber industry has generated thousands of jobs in the region”, “We have already been in hardships for several years, I don’t know when the boom will come… ”.

“Bonanza”, on the other hand, is the title of a TV series produced in the United States that aired between 1959 and 1973. It is one of the longest and most successful series in television history.

Throughout its 14 seasons, “Bonanza” had 431 episodes. Lorne Greene, Pernell Roberts, Michael Landon, Dan Blocker and Ray Teal were some of its protagonists.

David Dortot was the creator of this television production that came to tell the adventures of the Cartwright family, whose patriarch was a widower named Ben. This, in turn, had three children: the architect Adam, who built the house on the ranch that responded to the name of “La Ponderosa” and which is where they live; Eric and young Joseph Francis.

Some of the curiosities of the series are the following:
-It is considered one of the longest-lived productions of the NBC television network in the United States. Specifically, it has only been surpassed by the one entitled “Law and order.”
-It was the first hour-long television series to be recorded in color.
-None of the actors who formed the cast were well known in the United States.
-The title “Bonanza” was inspired by a very large silver deposit that existed.

In the same way, we cannot ignore that one of the great humorists of Spain had an expression in which he resorted to using the term at hand. We are referring to the recently deceased Chiquito de la Calzada (1932 – 2017), who said: “If this horse comes from Bonanza”.

Bonanza is also the name of several towns. Georgia, Oregon and Colorado are some of the North American states that have towns that bear this name.

In the North Atlantic Autonomous Region (Nicaragua), there is a municipality called Bonanza where almost 19,000 residents live. It is a mining region that is divided into 43 communities.

Finally, Roque de Bonanza, Puerto Bonanza and Raiguero de Bonanza are places found in Spain.