Meaning of Complaint Part III

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Complaint from the company’s point of view?

Most large companies have a professional complaint management system . Standardized procedures ensure easier and more efficient processing of complaints. In addition, they contribute to greater customer satisfaction by finding quick solutions in the interests of the consumer. In addition, a company’s complaint management saves every single reason for a complaint. This data is then evaluated and can thus be used for a better purchasing policy or product production.

Do retailers have to take back faultless goods?

According to GRADPHYSICS, a retailer is not obliged to take back faultless goods. In principle, concluded contracts must be adhered to. Dealers can therefore refuse to take back goods. If you do not like the sweater you have bought, you should not assume that the retailer will take it back one hundred percent, because taking it back without any reason is a voluntary service and depends on the goodwill of the provider. However, there is one exception, online trading.

What applies to online trading?

Separate exceptions apply to mail order and so-called door-to-door sales, because here the customer benefits from a 14-day right of withdrawal . The consumer can return any article without giving a reason and will be reimbursed the purchase price paid. However, it is important that the customer has been properly informed of this right of withdrawal by the seller, otherwise the customer can confidently withdraw from the purchase contract even years later, as the period has never started.

Why good complaint management is so important in a company

In addition to complaint management , good complaint management is the be-all and end-all for every company. But why is that so?

  • Complaints are not negative because they serve as an opportunity to improve quality
  • The complaint management ensures that complaints are accepted in a friendly manner . In this way, the customer feels emotionally picked up at his point of view during the entire contact process. This strengthens customer loyalty
  • A good complaint management does not look for culprits, but for improvements
  • All complaints are treated confidentially and forwarded directly to all employees involved. This promotes an open approach to errors , which is the content of a good error culture

Problems despite a clear legal situation

Unfortunately, despite the clear legal situation, problems arise again and again. This was also shown by the results of the survey on warranty and guarantee. During the period from June 1st to August 31st 2017, a total of 759 consumers took part in this survey. More than half of the respondents who found a deficiency within the first 24 months had problems enforcing their rights. Almost 20 percent of those affected had to be satisfied with a rejection of a complaint on the part of the retailer, even though the customers only wanted to exercise their defined rights.

Only 17 percent of those questioned who found a deficiency within the first six months have achieved what they are legally entitled to. The defective product has been repaired, exchanged or fully refunded.

Results also showed that the enforcement of consumer complaints becomes even more difficult after the first six months, because from this point onwards consumers have to prove that the respective defect already existed when the product was handed over. During this period, only 15 percent of consumers were able to achieve what they were actually entitled to.

A quarter of the dealers completely rejected the complaint, which means that consumers were left with their defective products and costs. Around 9 percent of those surveyed had to pay for the repair costs themselves, even though they would have been entitled to an exchange or a free repair.

As soon as the two-year warranty has expired, consumers are dependent on the goodwill of the seller. In this case, the rate of refused complaints and reimbursements is just under a third.

More consumer-friendly rules necessary!

We are of the opinion that new regulations urgently need to be laid down for long-lasting devices and products such as cars, washing machines, dryers and dishwashers. The consumer advice centers have long been of the opinion that the warranty claim must be extended. At the same time, the consumer advice centers are also in the process of enforcing a correct two-year limitation period so that the customer does not first have to prove the existing defect.

Worth knowing : Anyone who has problems with complaints or questions about the warranty or guarantee can contact the respective local consumer advice center with a clear conscience. She is at your side with words and deeds in such situations.

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