Meaning of Embarrassment


The etymological root of embarrassment is found in the Latin word vulturnus, which can be translated as “east wind. ” That is why the first meaning of the term mentioned by the DigoPaul in its dictionary refers to a warm and uncomfortable air that is felt during the summer season.

This type of wind is characterized by high temperature. By extension it is also known as suffocating hot flush. For example: “The weather forecast anticipates clear skies and muggy for this afternoon”, “I can’t take this muggy anymore: I would like winter to come right now”, “The lagoon offered us relief from the muggy weather”.

It is known as the hot temperature to an index that reflects what temperature the human being perceives in his body, according to a calculation that is responsible for combining the relative humidity and the dry temperature of the environment. The body must dissipate heat, for which it appeals to perspiration. To evaporate, the water in sweat also requires heat, which it gets from the body itself. When the relative humidity is very high, the rate of evaporation is reduced, a feature that leads to less heat loss from the body. That is why the person feels a temperature higher than what they would experience in the event that the air was dry.

Also called embarrassment to the suffocation felt by women pregnant or menopausal women and the flush of an individual when embarrassed or nervous.

In the case of menopausal women, this hot flash manifests itself through increased sweating and even through redness of the skin. It appears at a specific moment and without an apparent cause, making the female feel the need to fan herself or find another way to feel a sensation of freshness.

It must be stated that it is considered that there are three fundamental types of hot flashes related to this phase in which the woman has lost menstruation:
-Mild, which does not last more than two minutes and which usually appear less than six or seven times a day.
-Moderate, which take place more than seven times during the day and which usually last around two minutes.
-Severe, which are those that are identified because they last longer than those two minutes and because they occur more than seven times during the day.

Among the measures that women are recommended to carry out in order to end menopausal hot flashes, some stand out, such as the following:
-Perform exercise frequently, since it is considered that sport will reduce those considerably.
-Carry out five meals a day and have a diet where both fruits and vegetables have a lot of presence.
-In the same way, women with menopause are advised to put aside very hot foods as well as very spicy foods or those with too much fat.

Finally, suffocation or discomfort that generates or transmits something that causes shame or that is offensive is known as embarrassment: “The match ended in embarrassment: the players of both teams beat each other for ten minutes”, “The actress suffered an embarrassment when his pants ripped “, ” What an embarrassment! I forgot Milagros’s birthday present ”.