Meaning of Enjoyable


In order to fully understand the meaning of the term amen, the first thing we must do is discover its etymological origin. In this case, we can expose that it is a word that derives from Latin, exactly from the word “amoenus”, which can be translated as “pleasant” or “charming”.

However, we can also underline that it seems that, in turn, that Latin word derives from another Greek, from “ameinon”, which is synonymous with “better”.

This adjective of enjoyable refers to that or that which is pleasant, satisfactory or convenient. For example: “Yesterday we had a very pleasant meeting with the building administrator”, “It was a fun and enjoyable celebration”, “The cultural center has a pleasant space for reading”.

Generally, the pleasant is associated with the bearable: that is, with what can be done or experienced without being tedious, boring or annoying. A scientific conference can be burdensome if the speaker speaks in a monotone, uses highly technical language, and does not use visual resources to support his statements. On the other hand, if the speaker is didactic, uses animations with the aim of complementing his words, and uses humor to attract attention, his talk will be pleasant.

That something is enjoyable is essential to ensure that people are satisfied, since the annoying causes discontent and makes people lose interest. That is why it is said that school or university classes must be enjoyable so that students are motivated and remain attentive during instruction. If a student gets bored in class, it is likely that she will stop following the teacher’s explanation and, therefore, finish without learning the contents that are dictated.

When a place receives the qualification of entertaining, the notion refers to the fact that it causes pleasure for its natural landscapes. A pleasant hill, to cite one case, is covered with plants and flowers.

Within the field of culture, the term amusing is also widely used, since it is established that this is how it should be from a book to a play, through a movie or a television series.

In the case of literature, it is established that a novel will be enjoyable, attractive and of great value when it meets some of these requirements:
– At no time should it contain boring parts or stories.
-It should not have many adverbs and it is also not recommended that the so-called passive voice be abused.
-You must have a good protagonist, a character that does not leave you indifferent, either for better or for worse. That is to say, that he either manages to make the reader identify with him or that the person reading the novel shows rejection. But of course, it cannot go unnoticed.
-In the book, the language must be used correctly at all times, to express what is desired and to adapt to the circumstances of the story.
-It must have a history where they take relevance from ellipsis through peaks of attention and also through other voltage drops.