Meaning of Horn


The concept of horn (from the Latin buc─źna) has several uses and acceptances. It is, for example, a metal instrument in the shape of a trumpet, which has a mouth to place the lips and speak from afar. Horn is also an instrument that is sounded mechanically in automobiles and other vehicles.

In several countries, the part of the telephones to which the mouth must be brought to speak and the pavilion with which the sound in gramophones is reinforced is called a horn.

And all this without forgetting that in various parts of the world geography the term horn is used as a synonym for loudspeaker. This would be the case, for example, in Cuba.

On the other hand, horn is synonymous with the musical instrument known as horn and conch that produces a sound similar to that of the horn.

In its most common use, the term horn (or horn) refers to the instrument made up of a rubber bulb and a trumpet. When the pear is pressed, air comes out of the trumpet, creating sound. Today, the mechanism has been replaced by a device that works by electrical energy.

This type of horn that we have mentioned where it is most often used is in sports competitions. And it is that when there is a football or basketball game, or any other sports discipline, many are the fans who come to it equipped with one of these gadgets with the clear objective of making noise and thus, through it, encourage their team so you can get the win.

In addition to all of the above, we cannot ignore the fact that we also find the term honk in our vocabulary, a verb that is closely related to the word at hand. And it is that this verb form is used to refer to that someone in question is honking or is making use of it to speak.

We cannot forget either that one of the most important stars in the history of cinema made a horn his main hallmark. We are referring to Harpo, one of the mythical Marx Brothers. And it is that said figure, when establishing each of the features of the characters that gave them international fame thanks to a multitude of comedies, determined that his was going to be mute and that he would communicate with his environment through the touches that overlooked a horn.

The car horn has become one of the main factors of noise or acoustic pollution. It is usually used indiscriminately, without respect for other people.

However, the function of the horn in vehicles should be to prevent possible accidents, to warn about the position of the car to those who try to join the road and signal the traffic. Psychologists have warned that the horn is used, on many occasions, as a symbol of power or as a way to vent frustrations.