Meaning of PageRank 2

PageRank 2

How can you calculate PageRank?

You don’t need to have any programming skills to calculate your PageRank. Appropriate software can also help you with this. There is software, but it requires that you are mathematically savvy. The free software “R” should be mentioned here as an example. With this software you can do just about any calculation. To calculate your PageRank, you only need to install a package. If you are rather “skeptical” about mathematics, a PageRank calculator can help youhelp. These calculators always calculate the PR from individual sides in numerical form. However, you have to be aware that you only get some kind of orientation with such a calculator. External inbound and outbound links are not always given sufficient consideration. And anyone who knows Google also suspects how complex the calculation of PageRank is for them. But the calculator can offer you valuable help in developing your link structure.

Where can you find your PageRank?

For the first time you could see the PageRank in the year 2000. At that time, Google developed a toolbar for Internet Explorer . The PR values ​​were displayed in this toolbar. There was a scale with values ​​from 1 – 10. You could also display the PageRank there thanks to a bar that varied in color. For a high PageRank you got a green bar, for a low PageRank you got a red bar. Unfortunately, this form of display no longer exists today. Google discontinued the toolbar in 2016. Many are therefore of the opinion that PageRank is no longer important on Google. But it is certain that internally at Google this still plays a role for the evaluation of search results.

It is therefore advisable to take a detour to display the PageRank for your website. To do this, you have to install “SEO Site Tools ” in the Chrome extension . There is one limitation to this, however. The PageRank there is only shown for your main page. You cannot display the PageRank of subpages.


The pagerank is part of search engine optimization. If you have your own website, you should definitely master the SEO basics.

Which PageRank is good?

Even if you keep hearing that PageRank no longer plays a role, this is not entirely true. Even today, the formula for PageRank is still at the heart of SEO best practices . Even if the display from Google is no longer updated via the toolbar, you should still pay attention to it. A good PageRank doesn’t say everything, but the higher it is, the better it is for you. As described, the scale ranges from 0 to 10. A good PageRank is around 5, a value of 7 is very good. Even without an advertisement, it is important that you continue to pay attention to your link structure . In order not to lose the existing PageRank or even to improve it, you must continue to take care of the following areas:

  • Development of internal link building
  • Structure of external link building
  • Building backlinks


PageRank’s algorithm focuses too much on linking . The content is neglected , even if it is an important criterion for the Internet user. This deficiency is eliminated by taking further developed search engine criteria into account, which affect the ranking. Another point of criticism is directed at the fact that you could buy links for a long time and thus create a better ranking for your website. In the area of ​​SEO, the focus was therefore on buying backlinks from websites with a high PR. However, the view of the salary, the added value of a website was completely lost. Many suspect that this is why Google no longer shows the PageRank publicly. But you can be sure that your PageRank still plays an important role for Google.

What does PageRank mean for SEO?

Up until 2016, PageRank was used as a standard tool within SEO and all activities were aligned accordingly. But let’s be honest. How the PageRank was used by Google up to then, nobody really knew exactly. Nowadays, the PageRank is integrated into the so-called Hummingbird algorithm . And this is exactly what modern search engine optimization takes into account very precisely. So it is still important to know the importance of PR and to use it for the measures currently in force for a better ranking. The fact that it can no longer be precisely measured for a single website does nothing to change this.


The importance of PageRank has decreased significantly in recent years. But it has remained a component of Google’s website evaluation to this day. PageRank is not dead. You must therefore under no circumstances regard this value as not important. So keep working on building a natural link structure for your website. With that you are definitely on the safe side.

PageRank 2