Meaning of Performance Marketing Part II

Performance Marketing 2

Area 2: Marketing Measures

So that you can achieve your goals, you have to use different instruments that are available in performance marketing.

Important! You have to be aware that not a single performance marketing channel is important to measure your success. Every single channel has importance and meaning for you.

The individual instruments at a glance:

Instruments description
SEA SEA is the abbreviation for search engine advertising. SEA contains the environment of paid advertisements. These ads appear predominantly on search engine results pages, primarily from Google. As the operator of a website, you can use it to achieve a better placement in the form of a “bid”. Your goal is to get your website to appear in search results for a specific keyword.Note! SEA is also very often equated with SEM. But this is wrong. Rather, SEM is the generic term for measures in the area of SEO and SEA.
SEO SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO includes all measures that show your website as high up as possible in the search results. These are organic search results. SEO is about designing your website in such a way that you can be found quickly and achieve a better ranking.
Affiliate marketing Affiliate marketing is used when, for example, you as the site operator place a link on the website of another site operator. As an advertiser, you will then be provided with an advertising space. If the link leads to the destination you specified in advance, for example to a click, you have to pay for this process.
Newsletter and email marketing Newsletter and e-mail are each separate channels in the area of ​​online marketing. They enjoy a high level of popularity because they are very effective tools for increasing traffic and are a good means of strengthening customer loyalty.
Display advertising Display advertising means that you, as an advertiser, use advertising space that is not on your own website. In most cases, advertising material in graphic form is used for this form of advertising. A good example of this are advertising banners.
Social media marketing Social media marketing has become an indispensable part of today’s world. For many companies, advertising on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram is part of their marketing concept.
Couponing When shopping, many get a discount if they present appropriate coupons. For you as an entrepreneur, this can be a good tool for your marketing
Guerilla marketing You have to use this tool if you want to make your brand better known. However, guerrilla marketing should not be understood as “aggressive advertising”. Rather, you don’t want to be too intrusive with this advertisement. You just make sure that your advertising, for example in the form of a video, attracts a lot of attention.

Area 3: Controlling

It was already mentioned at the beginning that performance marketing is ideal for measuring the impact of your advertising. But what and how do you actually have to measure? This is where your set goals come into play again. Many make the mistake and only measure effectiveness after a campaign has ended. But performance marketing allows you to take measurements during the campaign and to control the campaign.

You can use various tools that are available for analysis for this measurement. Examples are Google Ads or Google Analytics. With these tools you can see how many users clicked on your advertisement and how many clicks an order was placed with you.

Area 4: Optimization

According to PSYKNOWHOW, with performance marketing you have the opportunity to precisely control and observe all measures and this as a permanent and constant process. This gives you the opportunity to make adjustments at any time and improve them during the course of a campaign.

What advantages does performance marketing offer you?

In order to gain advantages for you from performance marketing, a well-considered and planned strategy is of course important. If this is the case, you have the following advantages:

  • As an advertiser, you know exactly what you are getting for your money, because the performance basis is the basis for billing
  • You don’t have to wait for the campaign to end to measure its success. You can measure the success measurement throughout the term, from start to finish. If you don’t like something, you can make improvements and optimizations at any time.
  • Performance marketing offers you the advantage that you can also use it for a classic advertising campaign without any major problems.

Which KPIs are important in performance marketing?

As you have already learned from the previous article, communication and marketing goals are always the basis and the starting point for successful performance advertising, which you pursue or which should be strengthened. As a rule, three important goals can be identified.

  • Range targets
  • Transaction targets
  • Interaction goals

Important! Right from the start, you have to ask yourself what your final goal in communication and marketing measures is and what exactly you want to achieve.

In most cases, the final target will be transaction targets. To achieve your goals, you have to incorporate two intermediate steps. This is firstly the interaction with content that affects your company and your product or service and secondly reaching or increasing the reach within the target group that is important to you.

Let’s take a closer look at the individual KPIs in the area of ​​performance marketing.

KPIs for the range

With marketing measures you pursue a support of the reach of your company. So the point is that you want to increase awareness of your company or your product. But this has to happen in the target group that is also relevant to you. It is easy to understand, because what you do not know you cannot acquire either.

KPIs for the range are always only quantitative indicators which are used to initiate the possibility of a potential interaction. Here are a few examples of KPS ranges that relate to SEO.

  • Visibility on Google or other search engines
  • How many rankings in the search engine are in the TOP 10?
  • What is the visibility in the mobile Google index like?
  • What is the search volume of the TOP 10 rankings?
  • How often is a video viewed?
  • What do tools like Sistrix or XOVI say about the visibility index?

With these key figures, you can quickly get an initial overview of how effective your marketing measures are and whether there is any need for optimization. It is ideal for you if you can generate many contacts in your target group via the search engine. This increases the likelihood that the final transaction goal will be achieved.

Important! Visibility in search engines is a prerequisite for interaction.

Performance Marketing 2