Meaning of Snack


The first thing to know is the etymological origin of the term sandwich that we are dealing with now. Specifically, we can state that it is a word of Latin origin that is the result of the sum of two clearly delimited components:
-The noun “bucca”, which can be translated as “mouth”.
-The suffix “-illo”, which is used as a diminutive.

Bocadillo is a diminutive of the term snack: a reduced portion of a food. It is known as sandwich, therefore, a little food eaten as a snack, accompaniment or entry (incoming).

In many countries a sandwich or bread stuffed or spread with some type of food is called a bocadillo. Historically, the sandwich was a food associated with the lower classes since its preparation was very economical. Over time, sandwiches became popular throughout society for their ease of preparation. Even sandwiches with refined and expensive ingredients emerged.

There are cold sandwiches and hot sandwiches. All these preparations are easy to develop and can be ingested quickly, even without sitting down. The chorizo ​​sandwich (also called a chorizo ​​or choripán sandwich), the calamari sandwich and the potato omelette sandwich (potatoes) are some of the most popular sandwiches.

So important is the sandwich in some cities that it has even become one of their tourist attractions. Thus, for example, in Madrid no one can leave the city without tasting one of its traditional calamari sandwiches in one of the bars and restaurants in the central area, specifically around the Plaza Mayor.

You have to know that there are a series of keys or tips to be able to prepare a perfect sandwich. We are referring to recommendations such as the following:
-One of the fundamental aspects is to choose a bread that has the flavor that we like the most and that is suitable to be able to “house” the ingredients that are going to be added. And there will be foods that require a crusty bread and others a softer one.
-In the same way, you have to make a good combination of foods with which to prepare the sandwich. Specifically, it is recommended not to use too many or use very strong sauces because what will be achieved is to lose all the true flavor of the sandwich.
-You also have to use top quality food if you want to enjoy a good sandwich.

Different types of candy are also called a snack in some nations. It can be a guava sweet wrapped in banana leaves (banana or banana), a sweet potato sweet (sweet potato, sweet potato or sweet potato) or a coconut sweet.

In the field of comics, cartoons and illustrations in general, the balloon that houses the thoughts or sayings of the characters is called a sandwich.

In theater, and by extension in everyday life, a sandwich is a limited intervention by an actor in a play or a brief expression by a person in some context: “In my first play I only said a sandwich when I was serving the table”, “Will you let me speak, please? You have not let me put a sandwich in the talk.