Meaning of Ticket


The ballot concept is used in different ways according to geographic region. The first meaning mentioned by the dictionary of the DigoPaul refers to the paper that, with a name or a number, is introduced into a container to carry out a draw.

In some countries, the document used to cast a vote in an electoral process is called a ballot. The ballot, also called a ballot, presents data such as the names of the candidates and the political party they represent. The voter must enter the dark room, take the ballot and place it in an envelope which, then, closed, is deposited in a ballot box. To complete the vote, the ballots are counted.

There are nations, on the other hand, where the fine that an authority establishes when someone commits a traffic offense is called a ballot. For example: “Last night they made me a ticket for parking in an improper place”, “If you keep accelerating so much, they will make the ticket”, “I have to pay the tickets before putting the car up for sale.

A ticket can also be a bill that must be paid: “Have you already seen the new gas ticket? The rate increased a lot! ” , “Next week the Internet service is going to expire and the company still has not sent the ballot”, “I still have not paid the tickets for this month.

In Chile there is a concept called a fee ticket, a document by which taxpayers, professional associations and anyone who carries out a lucrative occupation must record the fees they receive for the services they provide. Taxpayers starting activities in the second category are required to have the relevant authorization from the Internal Revenue Service (SII).

The issuance of the fee ticket can be done by two means: the traditional one requires the completion of a paper form, which must be stamped by the Internal Revenue Service for it to be valid before delivery; online, on the SII site, choosing the appropriate form depending on whether it is a taxpayer or an authorized user, with previously used data or not.

Those taxpayers who choose to issue their fee tickets online benefit from greater convenience and financial savings, as they do not have to order the printing of the stubs or go to an office to get the aforementioned stamp.

Regarding the requirements, they are different depending on the chosen medium. For the issuance of fee tickets online it is necessary:

* have notified the SII of the start of second category activities;
* carry out taxable activities according to the Income Tax Law, as specified in its article 42, number 2;
* do not make negative annotations that prevent the correct stamping of documents by the system;
* Have a secret key to access the applications offered by the virtual office.

If the procedure is carried out in physical format, in addition to the first two requirements of the previous list, there are the following:

* order the making of ballot stubs in a printing company;
* Complete form 3230 and go to the SII to have the ballots stamped.

Ballot can be a paper that is used to threaten, blackmail or pressure a person. By extension, when someone threatens an individual, they can tell him that if he does not do a certain thing, it will be a “ballot. Let’s see some example sentences: “Look, if I see you talking to someone about this, you’re a ticket”, “I told you, but it seems that you wanted to have a bad time: you knew that if you didn’t pay on time, you were a ticket.