Meaning of Turning


The concept of a turning is made up of two terms: mouth and street. Two words of which it is interesting to know in depth what its etymological origin is. In that case, we can state the following:
-Mouth is a term derived from Latin, exactly from “bucca”, which can be translated as “mouth”.
-Street, on the other hand, is a word that comes from the Latin “callis”, which is synonymous with “path”.

In this case we are interested in the meaning of mouth as opening or entrance. Street, for its part, is a public road that allows the circulation of vehicles.

It is called a turning, therefore, at the entrance to a street. The notion also refers to a secondary street that is a tributary of another. For example: “The offender sped up to try to flee, but finally got trapped at the turning due to congestion”, “The municipal government should fix the pothole at that turning”, “Upon reaching the turning, I was scared: I was all dark ”.

When two streets intersect, four intersections are formed: two in each, one on each side of the other. That is why the blocks or streets can be counted according to the number of intersections. If a person tells another that the market is when crossing the third street, they are referring to the fact that they must cross three streets before arriving at the place in question.

It must be stated that, on occasions, there are those who confuse the term intersection with that of a corner, for example. However, it must be made clear that they are different things. Thus, while the corner is the edge that joins two streets through its walls of buildings, the intersection is a secondary street itself. In the same way, we can state that the corner is considered to be the vertex of the apple, so to speak so that it can be better understood.

On the other hand, someone may say that their house is on a side street of Avenida Costanera. In this case, the idea of an intersection refers to the secondary street that flows into a more important street: according to the expression of the subject, it is the Avenida Costanera.

Bocacalle, finally, is the name of a restaurant that is located in Madrid, the capital of Spain. It is based on the concept known as casual street food, combining international dishes with Spanish products.

In the same way, we cannot ignore that there is also another restaurant in Malaga that goes by the name of “Bocacalle”. This place is located on the famous Beatas street in the Andalusian city, which offers its customers not only a wide and varied range of wines but also an interesting menu that is part of what is Spanish gastronomy.

To all that has been stated so far, it must be added that, in addition, it is also used within the musical field. Specifically, we have to underline the existence of an Argentine musical group that goes by the name of “Bocacalle”. He is known for songs such as “No matter the reason” or “The gypsies dance it like that.”