Meaning of Water Pump

Water Pump

Before getting to know the meaning of the term water pump, we are going to establish the etymological origin of the two words that give it its shape:
-Bomb derives from Latin, specifically from “bombus” which can be translated as “strong sound” or “sound intense”. In the same way, it must be emphasized that this, in turn, derives from the Greek “bombos”.
-Water, on the other hand, also has its origin in Latin. In his specific case it comes from “aqua”, which means “water”.

The term pump is a concept that can be used in various ways: today we will focus on its meaning as the machine that promotes the impulse of a liquid in a certain direction. Water, on the other hand, is an odorless, colorless and tasteless substance whose molecules are made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom (H2O).

According to DigoPaul, a water pump is called the device that manages to convert the mechanical energy that enables its operation into energy of an incompressible fluid that it manages to displace. When the energy of the fluid (water) increases, it also manages to increase its pressure, its height or its speed.

Also called hydraulic pumps, water pumps are used to move fluid from a place of lower altitude or pressure to a place of higher altitude or pressure. This means that a water pump can help draw water from a well or carry water to the highest floors of a building.

The suction pump is one of the simplest water pumps. These devices have a cylinder equipped with a moving piston, linked to the water source through a tube. A valve, on the other hand, prevents the tube from entering the cylinder. This valve opens towards the top, causing the water to rise but not fall. A second valve on the movable piston has the same operation. In this way, when the personmakes use of the crank of the suction type water pump, the piston rises and increases the volume below it, causing the pressure to decrease. The air pressure affects the water in the well and causes the liquid to rise through the tube, entering the cylinder. Each time the piston goes down, the first valve closes while the second opens. Thus the water passes to the upper sector of the piston and the cylinder.

It is important to know that a long list of water pumps can be found on the market. Thus, it is established that one or the other will have to be chosen based on the utility that is going to be given. In this way, it will not be needed to empty a room that is flooded than to draw water from a well, to irrigate a garden or to get a water supply.

Thus, for example, among the varieties that exist, we can highlight, for example, the clean water submersible pumps, which must be used to work with water that has what are particles smaller than 0.5 millimeters. On the other hand, there are the submersible dirty water pumps, which are the ones that will allow a room of water to be emptied as long as that liquid is made up of particles between 0.5 to 35 millimeters.

In the event that what is desired is to extract water from a well with a depth of less than 8 meters, surface pumps, motor pumps or the aforementioned submersible clean water pumps may be used.

Water Pump