Meaning of Wedding


The etymology of wedding refers us to the Latin vote, which is the plural of votum (a term that can be translated as “vote”). A wedding is a ritual that allows two people to marry. The festivities that are held to celebrate the ceremony in question are also called wedding.

For example: “Tomorrow is Martina’s wedding and I still don’t know what I’m going to wear”, “My boyfriend proposed to me a month ago and since then we have been organizing all the wedding details”, “The wedding was lavish: there were more of a thousand guests ”.

According to DigoPaul, the wedding marks the beginning of the marriage relationship. It may be a religious and / or civil act, according to the decision of the couple. At a general level, it can be said that, at a wedding, two people express their intention to marry before an authority that is responsible for making the union.

In a Catholic wedding, to cite one case, a man and a woman marry, who must complete certain steps before a priest declares that the bond is established. Civil weddings, on the other hand, take place before a judge or other state authority. In the latter case, according to the legislation, two men or two women can marry.

Given the importance that a wedding has on a sentimental and legal level, it is usual for the couple to want to celebrate it with their loved ones through a ceremony, a banquet and a party in which nothing is missing. For this reason, the organization must be thorough and has to start months before so that everything goes perfectly.

Specifically, the usual thing is that a series of recommendations are followed to prepare a wedding such as these:
-Choose the date and place where to marry well in advance, especially if the place of the ceremony is in high demand by couples who want get marry.
-Start the procedures that are necessary to undertake for the union to take effect at the legal level.
-Prepare a list with the number of guests and expand or reduce that based on the budget you have. Budget that must also be in charge of defraying all the expenses of the ceremony, the banquet, the party and even what is the honeymoon.
-If you do not have too much time to prepare the wedding or if you feel very lost, you can always trust a professional: a wedding planer.
-Find the perfect place for the banquet and the subsequent party. It must have the capacity to accommodate all the guests, it must have experience in organizing links and it must offer, among other things, exquisite menus that will make everyone fall in love.
-Important details of the ceremony itself are the alliances, the decoration, the music that will be played…

There are various traditions linked to weddings. It is common for women to dress in white and for members of the couple to exchange rings (alliances). After the ceremony and the party, the newlyweds can enjoy their “wedding night” (the first night they spend together as a married couple) and then they often go on a “honeymoon” (a short holiday in celebration).