Mobile Manufacturers to Make Life Miserable for Thieves

An American working group to investigate whether mobile manufacturers doing enough to prevent the theft of smartphones.

Smartphones are popular and in particular also with thieves, which are increasingly going after the easy transferable mobile devices.

And now is an American working group put on the case, and shall examine whether the producers have done too little to prevent thefts. It writes our site.

-“The epidemic of street violence involving the theft and sale of mobile devices is growing and an increasing threat all over the United States. This nationwide collection of leaders are determined to do everything to industry will be good citizens and take responsible steps to ensure the security of citizens, “says Eric Schneiderman, who is Chief Legal Adviser in the State of New York.

The Working Group wishes to clarify why the producers haven’t got a “kill switch” function that allows the owner of a stolen phone to make it useless.

Apple has just unveiled a “kill switch” feature in the upcoming software iOS 7, which is released during the autumn.