Nokia Disaster: Microsoft Job Cuts In Finland Sealed

The US software giant has completed the negotiations with employee representatives at the former sites of Nokia in Finland. Nothing in the way is the announced job cuts.

Microsoft has completed the negotiations with employee representatives about the layoffs at the Finnish sites. It is the fate of 1350 Finnish employees who took over Microsoft with the mobile phone manufacturer Nokia. The group will soon dismantle the most points, the Finnish news agency STT reported on Monday. The restructuring should be closed until June 2017.

The US Group had announced the job cuts in May. Worldwide employees of the smartphone segment to lose 1850 her job, of 1350 in Finland. In the course of a development site in Tampere will be closed. The Mobile Division of Nokia, which had bought Microsoft 2014 for more than EUR 5 billion, is largely settled with the new layoffs.

Difficult legacy

Under Nadellas predecessor Steve Ballmer Microsoft had plunged headlong into the Nokia adventure. In the face of disappointing performance on the system market the partnership and finally taking over the Finns should be based the own Windows phone. The plan to support Windows phone with own Smartphone operating system did not.

Nadella has now gradually settled the heavy legacy: of the approximately 25,000 Nokianern halfway had to go less than a year after the announcement of the takeover plans. A year later, again 7800 jobs were the red pencil to the victims. Microsoft wrote off 7.6 billion US dollars on the takeover, which led to a record loss for the company. Also the new layoffs will weigh on the balance sheet with almost a billion.