OnePlus 3: High-End Smartphone With An AMOLED Display For 400 Euros

Its smartphones OnePlus called “Flagship-Killer”. The latest version at least again offers good facilities at a relatively cheap price.

The Chinese manufacturer OnePlus again presented a relatively cheap high-end Smartphone: the OnePlus 3 is similar to well equipped as the top models from Samsung, LG and HTC will cost 399 euros but less.

The new model at first sight due to its metal casing is different from its two predecessors. The display is the same size as before (5.5 inches) and has the same resolution (full HD), however, OnePlus of this time relies on the stronger color AMOLED – instead of LCD technology. The rapid Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, such as in the HTC 10 and the LG G5 as a CPU.

It is a second SIM slot ahead of the other top models. The 16 MP camera has an optical stabilizer. Also on board are 6 GB RAM, 64 GB Flash storage, a fingerprint sensor and a USB-type C female, still missing a SD slot. Fast-charging technology thanks to a “dash” baptized you can recharge the battery within a half-hour to 60 percent – this is similar to fast competitors such as LG G5 or Samsung Galaxy S7. Oxygen is used as the operating system OS, which is based on Android 6.1.

OnePlus: New sales

OnePlus wants to offer the Smartphone not only in his shop, but also in seven global distributed shops. Of them, one is scheduled to open in Berlin on June 15. Differently than in the past, no one needs an “invitation” by OnePlus more if he wants to buy the phone. The two predecessors OnePlus one (c’t-test) and OnePlus 2 (c’t-test) are still available, also without an invitation.

OnePlus specifies only a Chinese address in his shop, so that buyers probably still not can rely in case of a defect in the practice on EU warranty law, but only on the voluntary warranty of OnePlus.