Our Site Service Is Taken over by Catacap

Investment Fund Catacap takes over majority interest in our site Service a/s.

When the phones come to repair through, among other things, TDC, Telia and 3, this shall be done with our site Service a/s, which was founded in 2003 and has a turnover of 134 million dollars.

Now have investment fund Catacap taken over the majority of ownership of our site.

According to a press release should Catacaps investment in our site form the basis for the implementation of an internationalization of the company.

Catacap invests in small and medium-sized Danish companies with great potential for development.

Our sites founder Jens Dove continues on ceo and retain 25 percent of the assets. Catacap sits at 60 percent. The private investor Jacob T, who is also a member of the Catacaps Board of Directors has 10 percent while 5 percent of the assets are allocated to the management and Board of Directors.