Meaning of Alcohol

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Alcohol is the oldest drug consumed by mankind. Although legalized, it is a drug that causes dependence and changes in the behavior of those who […]


Meaning of Poverty

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One of humanity’s most serious problems at all times, poverty has worried economists like Adam Smith, who, in 1776’s The Wealth of Nations, said: “No […]


Meaning of Arbitrage

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The arbitrage or an arbitrage business describes on the stock exchange the exploitation of price differences for the same asset at different trading venues. Equities […]


Meaning of Bond

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Bonds are not only found in the portfolios of conservative investors. They also serve as a safety mechanism in stock portfolios in the event that […]


Meaning of Equity Fund

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In times of extremely low interest rates, more and more conservative investors are eyeing the stock market. Compared to individual stocks, equity funds have the advantage […]

German Stock Corporation Act

Meaning of Stock

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According to digopaul, the stock as one of the classic securities is poorly defined as a fraction of the equity of a stock corporation (§§ […]


Meaning of Bomb

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The word bomba comes from the Latin bombus, which means “noise. ” The term has different uses and many acceptances according to the geographic region. […]


Meaning of Pump

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Before proceeding to know the meaning of the term hydraulic pump, it is necessary to discover the etymological origin of the two words that give […]

Bulb 2

Meaning of Bulb

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Bombilla is short for bomb. The concept can be used to name the glass object that, with a thread of tungsten, platinum or another material […]