Phonest: Campaign Calls Home Truths About Smartphones

With a supposedly transparent Smartphone, a designer has lured the tech scene, to draw attention to the poor working conditions in the electronics production – and to show alternatives.

An Erfurt designer has started a campaign for better working conditions in the electronics production – and with a trick gained the attention of the technology scene. Jonathan Schöps sent out in the last days of press releases and gave interviews where he start up called “phonest” announced a “transparent Smartphone” by one. A dozen bloggers took this literally and published speculation about the cell phone.

On Thursday evening, Schöps solved the puzzle: there is no mobile phone and no start up. Instead, the Web page Our site denounces the poor working conditions in the resource extraction in Africa and the fitting of the Smartphone in China. ‘ 12 h shifts underground and control ensure the optimum value for friends by militia ratio “, it is there, for example.

Schöps not only denounces, but points to alternatives. Consumers should specifically shopping (for example at Fairphone, rodents IT or Fairlötet), ask manufacturers, sign petitions, and support organizations, advocating for fair trade.

[Update, 12.8.2016, 15:45] Jonathan Schöps explained upon request of heise online:

“This action is created Visual communication / Visual cultures at the Bauhaus-University Weimar during my master’s thesis under the title ‘A Fakephone and the good old slavery’ in the subject. […] My thesis was: typical campaigns by charities often put on compassion, they show pictures of people who starved Drudge. That definitely has his permission, but in my opinion can be reached so that only a specific target group. The phonest could be awakened the desire for an already again new high-end-Smartphone. “And I wanted to achieve exactly those people.” [/ Update]