PR Debacle Allegedly Drives To Customers a Smartphone-Bank Number26

Although the FINTECH startup with his account cancellations has put a wave of outrage and a remarkable PR debacle, customers still fly to the provider. At least one of the co-founders in a newspaper interview claimed.

The Berliner Smartphone Bank Number26 triggered while a wave of outrage from the social media with the mass termination of accounts – can according to own statements PR debacle but benefit the bottom line. “Since media have taken up the theme, we have increased customer growth,” said co-founder Maximilian Tayenthal in an interview with the world. The number of new customers per week have increased by more than half.

The FINTECH start-up had announced several customers in the past few weeks without any warning and remained proclamations guilty after the dismissal. “We have communicated absolutely bad,” Tayenthal admitted. “This is so not even happen.”

“Out of the ordinary user behavior”

The advertised 500 customers showed an “extraordinary behavior of users”. “There are customers who have pulled money more than 30 times a month with our ticket at the machines, which differs significantly from the average,” said Tayenthal. Number26 offer this service free of charge any withdrawal at all costs the company but 1.50 to 2 euro. “These users cost several hundred euros alone for withdrawals in a year.” In addition, users would have abused the deposit service cash 26 to collect bonus miles with certain credit cards – this was announced was.

Together with our customers, Number26 wanted to develop a transparent “fair use policy”. Also, you wanted animate customers more frequently without cash to pay. With Number26, account management is free of charge. The company achieved revenues primarily through card transactions, Dispokredite and a cooperation with the overseas remittance service Transferwise.

No own banking licence

However, has no its own banking license number 26 and it covers through a partnership with Wirecard Bank. Probably, a significant portion of fees cake is so shared with this. Therefore, quite a few observers make the business model of number 26 in question.

Whereas Tayenthal of the world were facing auskunftsfreudig, the Handelsblatt, by the way the startup refused an interview. As the economic newspaper reported, it was agreed that allowed the journalists to send their questions by E-Mail and once again check the Handelsblattdann. Apparently, the skillful questions were but uncomfortable, because number 26 has balked. The company is willing to give an interview to the Gazette of Commerce “as long as the questions are objective and factual formulated”, the newspaper quoted a spokeswoman for the company. “Would you send again new questions us against this background?”

If the selective information joy of startups related that the world belongs to one of the investors of number 26, the Axel Springer Group, is unclear. (With material of the dpa).