Rumor: “Iphone 8” Back Into The Glass Enclosure

Instead of using Alurücken to be back covered with glass the next generation of the Apple Smartphone. An OLED display is also on the agenda.

The “iPhone 7” is not yet on the market, already there is speculation about the next generation: supposedly, Apple plans to return to the back of the glass of the iPhone 4 and 4S “iPhone 8”. According to the Japanese economic journal Nikkei, Apple’s most important contract

manufacturer Foxconn already on a glass housing – and that works for at least a year. In addition the company also in the development of an own OLED displays for the “iPhone 8” was. The technology for it to come from newly acquired Japanese screen producer sharp.

There is speculation that new iPhones could reappear with glass cover, for a long time – so about the usually well-informed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of the banking House of KGI expects. Since the iPhone 5, Apple had built an aluminium back with his iPhone, the devices should make more durable. The new glass cover at the “iPhone 8” should consist of a special glass, which must be at least as robust.

Apple uses the iPhone unlike main competitor Samsung still LED screens. OLEDs are so far only in the Apple Watch. In addition to Foxconn also Samsung as a potential supplier of OLED displays for the reportedly “iPhone 8” in the conversation – Apple but for years attempting to make independent from Samsung.

With the “iPhone 8” is not to be expected before fall 2017. Previously, Apple-Smartphone next generation based on the casing of the iPhone 6 appears well – probably in September -. (bsc)