Samsung Galaxy Touch 7: The Next Bill Comes In August

The new model of Samsung’s Smartphone flagship is always in the autumn, there are rumors some time. Now, a date is known, time so suspected for a look at the facilities.

A photo of the alleged event poster of the next Samsung unpacked event making the rounds, showing the August 2nd as the date – these events touch was always a new Galaxy Samsung. The early date is in August realistic, because already last year it was rated 5 not more directly in front of the IFA as in the years before that, but in mid-August.

Note 7 is to say the newcomer according to rumor so the name fits better to the S-series, where the Galaxy S7 is up-to-date. Sounds reasonable and realistic, to adapt the designation, so that means the flagship not as an afterthought. Indeed, it would be only a renaming, Samsung would leave out not as a model.

Pen and rounding

The logo indicates the poster on an edge display, so with rounded sides. That there was ever: the very first edge smartphone was end of 2014 of the edge, a variation of the note 4 note. The successor rated 5 but again came with planem display; only the Pinless S6 and S7 is available with edge and the edge of the S6 plus, a kind note 5 without PIN.

At the very first model of the edge of the rounded part was an extra display, but the current models of the edge of the display is really bent. The Bill, that would mean that the notes effectively usable, horizontal surface, is slightly smaller and has less resolution than the entire display – a verschmerzbarer loss. It is unclear whether also the digitizer is curved, so the PIN will work on the rounded edges.

Construction forms and display

And basically asked: there will be only one version or back an edge of S7 plus without pin? The rumors speak from a single model, with 5.8-inch display diagonal and QHD resolution, points as the previous notes and see so 2560 × 1440

This Samsung showed a 4K-OLED with 5.5 inches in May. But 5.5 inches fit better to a next year-S8 as the note. To come in a few months from the pre-production model that not even put in a Smartphone case, production-ready touch, that doesn’t make Samsung perhaps. Pity the high resolution would make the Bill 7 to the best VR-Smartphone – somewhere else would but do not require the Auflösungsplus to QHD.

So long so no better display is ready for serial production and if Samsung can the marriage of pen and current edge technology, then it seems realistic, to stomp the edge-plus series and to bring only a grade 7, perhaps under the name touch 7 edge.

Iris scanner and equipment

The other rumors are still vague. The note 7 should have an iris scanner, then probably as a replacement for the fingerprint scanner. Whether it is running over the normal camera or whether a special is used, is still unclear.

As so far should there be two processor variants, once Qualcomm (supposedly Snapdragon 823) and once a current Exynos, between which selects Samsung to availability or different requirements on the mobile radio module. The note 5 has 4 GByte memory, so you can expect 6 Gbytes. Unlike at the grade 5 an SD slot likely again on board; Samsung also at the S7 has reintroduced the. The battery is expected to grow according to the rumor of 3000 to 4000 mAh. As a USB socket, type is C in the conversation.


To the camera, you hear nothing, be expected to at least that of the S7 – and it is one of the best smartphone cameras at all. A second lens with different focal length, further specialities such as 3D (such as the Lenovo Phab2 Pro) or additional modules (such as the LG G5 or Lenovo Moto Z) the rumor mill would have probably already spoken.

And also to the biggest shortcoming of the grade 5, there is still nothing to be heard: the availability in Germany. The Bill 5 is to get only through importers, Samsung does not offer in this country officially it. This is bearable, because it too closely resembles the note 4 – or is even worse because of the missing SD slot – but the note 7 could find many male fans.

[Update 15.6.] The speech was erroneously, that this would be the first note with edge display note 7. But in fact was the first edge Smartphone of a touch of edge (see test in c’t 3/15). [/ Update]

[Update 6.7.] Oh, and according to IP68, it should also be waterproof, what actually would be a special feature in the PIN insertion. Meanwhile, the often correct this when Samsung leaks blogger Evan has pale published first rendering images on Twitter. Therefore, it seems grade 7 in black, silver and light blue.

The data it looks more like a 5.7 – 5.8-inch screen instead of to walk out. Concrete 8893 maximum 2.7 GHz with the 821 2.3 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon are the Samsung Exynos processor probably used. Three types of memory are mentioned 128 and 256 GB, 64. [/ Update]