The App Allows You to Monitor the Entire Family – More Security

In large cities it is not uncommon that each family member have appointments in totally different locations the entire day, and that all are on the weekends. When one arrives the other is already asleep and in the morning not all agree together. It turns out that the family only relates to when you can, and not as it should.

Leaving aside the issues emotional related to this routine, there’s also the question of security. If someone does not get home until the time that it would be normal, the concerns are already beginning the can be a sign of danger.

Let’s assume a family of 5 persons in which the daughter of university age comes home around 23:30. If he does not arrive until midnight is certainly a sign of concern. And if the parents call in to the phone and gives out-of-area? There all already start to think the worst.

Would it not be interesting to have a mobile phone with an application that could monitor the entire family?

The Android app Life 360 Family Locator serves exactly for this. It allows all of your home to know in real time where the others are. The list is also the most dangerous places and safe next to each of the members of the family.

In the free version of Family Locator here are the main features included:

  • see where each family member is using GPS, Wifi, or even the antennas of the telephone networks (with a precision much smaller, of course).
  • location history by saying the locations in which each has been
  • tell all the family that you are okay with only 1 touch on the screen
  • panic alarm to dispense of the dangers that it will make a call and send a text message with your location to all the members of your family.
  • chat 24 hours among the members of the family

And that you need to have a service like this working?

  • A mobile phone with Android operating system, such as for example the Motorola Defy. It’s not too expensive and has good overall performance, in addition to being very resistant, including waterproof.
  • A data plan to send the information in real time to the internet. Each person in the family must have a telephone or access the internet to view the information of the other.

And Family Locator is just one of the programs that do this task and some more advanced functions depend on infrastructure that does not always exist in Brazil. In any case, the functions of geo-location and that rely on the internet are seamlessly accessible on any brazilian state capital or city that has 3G or edge network.

This app is also available for the iPhone and other platforms, working even on feature phones, but with features extremely limited that not worth the time investment, in my opinion.

If you still have any doubt or question, please send us your comments!