What is the Best ROM for Android?

You came here looking for a ROM for Android to download or a ROM to Android Lollipop. All the tips we give below will work for almost all devices, at the time of choosing a ROM. Including, a ROM for chinese Android, more cheap and very hard to find a ROM of quality. Sit back and relax because we will help you.

Users of Android devices are not forced to a lifetime by using only one ROM, that is, only the operating system that came on the phone. It is necessary to make the root of your Android and learn a basic computer for you to not do anything wrong, and there are some ROMs that up to automate the process, greatly facilitating the work.

The reasons for installing a custom ROM are varied: some people want to change the look of their device, others want to get rid of the applications from the manufacturer, or to update a phone that was left behind by the manufacturer. What is important is knowing how to choose the ROM that is right for your needs and your device.

ROM Factory

We can’t forget the ROM that already came installed on your device. Every smartphone and tablet with Android comes with a ROM installed, configured and ready to use. Can have many unwanted applications are installed, but may have some features that other ROMs don’t have. Generally, the ROM of factory comes with the customization of the manufacturer. The most known are the HTC Sense, TouchWiz, or any other customization to the “pure” version of Android. Regardless, she is there in your device when you purchase, and she is ready for you to pick up and use.

Generally, you will have less headaches and problems if you follow this path. It is the easiest of all your options, because it is the one that comes with the device out of the box and is also way less risky to update your device without running the risk of screwing up the phone. And the same with the ROM from the factory, it is totally possible to do a customization of Android that you meet.

Variants of AOSP

Google launches the “pure” version of Android for the Project Android Open source (AOSP – Android Open Source Project). Generally, you will not find ROMs for your phone or tablet in the AOSP. Instead, you can find the source code of Android so that you (or another developer) can create their own version of Android in what you want and need. You probably don’t need to build your own ROM, you will probably use a ROM that is programmed by another developer or group of developers. Just search a bit to find and compare.


CyanogenMod has been around since the early days of Android and has one of the largest lists of supported devices, or custom to CyanogenMod. The CM swap the ROM to the factory for a system with new possibilities of customizations and features. In addition, the CyanogenMod is one of the ROMs that are more stable and secure. Most of the time, those who want to start to customize the Rom of Android should start at CM.


The Android Open Kang Project is a distribution of custom ROM for many Android devices. The developers of the project include all kinds of new applications, configurations, customizations, skins, and much more. However, as they bring innovations rapidly to the ROMs, it runs the risk of you installing a system unstable and that crashes constantly. AOKP should be an option only for users who have an intermediate knowledge of the installation of ROMs and always want to adopt new technologies before others.

Paranoid Android

Paranoid Android, “or ” PA”, is a ROM that allows for extreme customization of the look and appearance of the Android applications. The number of devices supported by Paranoid Android is a bit more limited than CyanogenMod, but it is also a very stable system, and allows you to better control the user experience. If you want to make the user experience more unique and individual, the Paranoid Android is the best option for your Android device.

Final Considerations

These are the “four” great ROMs that exist, but the list is much more extensive for you to update the Android and personalize your experience. Some of the ROMs are not described here: CarbonRom, Android Revolution, and LiquidSmooth. The amount of ROMs and the flexibility and characteristics of each are as diverse as the people who use them. There is no ROM better or worse: there is the one that best adapts to your user profile!

Perhaps, if you have an Android device chinese generic, your option will be to customize a ROM and install. But do not do this without reading quite a lot about the subject in discussion forums, or you may end up with a brick in place of mobile phone.

How do you decide which ROM is best for you? Already made some customization to ROM Android? What is the best ROM that you have installed on your Android?