Wileyfox Spark: New Of Entry-Level Smartphones With Cyanogen Os

The British manufacturer after swift and storm, the new entry-level model now brings spark to the market. The Smartphone with cyanogen OS comes in three model variants from 120 euro.

The British Smartphone newcomer Wileyfox has unveiled a new smartphone, the entry-level on Tuesday in London. The Wileyfox should there be spark in three variants with different

equipment. Apart from the latest cyanogen OS 13 as the operating system and the typical design, there is a standard in this class equipment off the shelf. The Wileyfox Park is available in the online shipping from 120 euro and can be booked in advance. The shipping will be from July 12.

Wileyfox spark from 120 Euro: sacrificing memory

Wileyfox uses a quad-core SoC by Mediatek 1.3 GHz in the spark family. The spark, the processor has only 1 GB of memory, spark + and spark X has Wileyfox the two slightly better equipped models bought at least 2 GBytes. To come (spark) and 16 GB (spark +, spark X) 8 GB memory for data. He can be upgraded using a MicroSD card, but then occupied the square for the second SIM card.

The display of the spark and the spark + measures 5 inches (12.7 centimeters) on the diagonal, that the spark of X is a number with 5.5 inches (14 centimeters) greater. All three have only a simple HD resolution (1280 × 720 pixels). The Wileyfox is spark from 12 July for 120 euros. It is not yet clear when the spark + and the X Park in the trade come. The two slightly better equipped models will cost 150 or 170 euro.