Meaning of Winery


The first thing we have to do before entering fully into the meaning of the term winery is to know its etymological origin. In this case, we can determine that it derives from Latin, specifically from “apotheca” and this term in turn comes from the Greek “apothiki”, which can be translated as “asylum” or “refuge”.

It is a concept with several uses, many of them linked to wine (the alcoholic drink that is made from the fermentation of grapes).

The place where the wines are grown and stored is known as a winery, as is the establishment where they are made and the store where they are sold. For example: “I go to the winery to find a Malbec to accompany the meat”, “My uncle owns a winery in southern Chile”, “In the winery on the avenue there are several promotions: buying two bottles of white wine, for example, you get a third free of charge ”.

As a place of wine production, wineries usually have grape crops (vineyards), tools for obtaining the drink, barrels and barrels. Many times they also allow tourist visits to their facilities: that is why it is common for them to have restaurants and even small hotels or inns. In the Argentine province of Mendoza, to cite one case, wine tourism is very popular. That is why there are dozens of wineries that open their doors to the public.

A cellar can also be an environment or a piece of furniture where wine bottles are kept. There are bars and restaurants that have large cellars, specifically heated to keep the characteristics of the wine unchanged. In homes, the cellar is often a small piece of furniture with cavities to store bottles.

In the same way, we must not overlook the fact that there are also wineries within the scope of the agri-food industry of ham. Specifically, many companies use facilities such as those mentioned to be able to ensure that the hams are properly cured and that is because they have the necessary humidity and temperature conditions.

Warehouse, on the other hand, is a term that can refer to a pantry or a warehouse. Warehouse is also called the space that, in a boat or in an aircraft, is intended for the accommodation of merchandise or luggage.

Thus, for example, we come across the so-called ship hold. This is a space that is intended for the storage of what is the cargo that is transported. In order to ensure that it does not suffer any type of damage during the trip, the cellar has a hatch cover that is responsible for closing it well and preventing water or any other element from penetrating the interior.

However, it must be borne in mind that when talking about boats, another type of winery must be taken into account. Specifically, we are referring to the fact that in warships there is also what responds to the name of gunpowder hold. As its name suggests, it is where the gunpowder is stored as well as the rest of the ammunition that is necessary to face the missions that they have entrusted.